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5 healthy springtime gift baskets

5 healthy springtime gift baskets

Spring is a popular time to give gift baskets, especially around Easter. But the traditional Easter basket is often laden with sugar and artificial ingredients. So try one of these healthier springtime gift baskets, which can work for both little as well as bigger kids, or even adults.  

Butterfly basket

Get creative and load up on butterfly-themed items. Instead of using a basket, start with a potted flower plant and attach the paper and money butterflies below to various stems of the flowers with twist ties or pipe cleaners. Display a butterfly picture frame next to the flower pot and insert either a family picture, or a sweet message for the receiver. Tuck the seed packet into the flower pot and prop the snack bags up against the pot.

Flutter fund
  • DIY paper or money butterflies: You can turn old magazines pages into pretty upcycled butterflies. You can make dollar bill butterflies as well.
  • Butterfly picture frame craft: Punch butterflies out of old magazines and glue them to either the border or the inset of a picture frame to add a touch of whimsy. Here's a tutorial. If your child likes crafts, you can insert the materials instead and do the craft together later, or insert one completed version along with the materials.
  • Butterfly garden flower seeds: Include seeds such as these from EarthCare Seeds.
Butterfly weeds attract butterflies
Butterfly Snack Bags

Bunny basket

Similar to the butterfly basket, incorporate all things bunny for a fun and cute gift basket theme. Use the bunny box game below to serve as a multifunctional "basket" and stuff it with the bunny-themed goodies, or use a basket you already have, then attach a bunny face.

  • Bunny box game: Turn an old cardboard box into a game by cutting out a hole for the bunny's mouth, drawing on the face and attaching a tongue and bunny ears. Then provide a few balls or bean bag bunnies (see below) for a bunny toss! You can even use this box to present the goodies inside instead of using an actual basket.
  • Bunny bean bag: Upcycle old socks into fun bunny bean bags for the kids to toss around, or you could fill them with the treat of your choice.
  • The Essential Bugs Bunny: Because who doesn't love Looney Tunes?
  • Bunny shaped apples: Strategically carving apple slices creates cute little bunnies.
  • Bunny-themed books: Such as the classic, The Velveteen Rabbit (complete with plush bunny), or The Tale of Peter Rabbit, provide an educational and bonding opportunity with your child.
  • Bunny tails
  • Bunny tails: These raw treats are healthier than traditional candy. You could even take it a step further to draw on a face with melted dark chocolate and stick in slivered almonds for the ears to make mini bunny heads.
  • Baked bunny buns or bunny bread loaf: Chocolate covered bunnies are popular around Easter, but consider baking whole grain bunny bread and serving it with chocolate hummus instead. Or, you can also bake a savory option.
This bunny is on a roll!

Swanky Pysanky Easter egg basket

Keep it simple with this artsy basket. You can also use this as an opportunity to teach your kids about other cultures.

Pretty, wooden pysanky eggs

Fruit basket or bouquet

A few simple techniques can provide a fruit-iful presentation.

Monochromatic basket

Monochromatic = awesomechromatic!
  • Choose a color theme: Add a variety of items that all fall within that color range. This could include toys, flowers, bath and body products, and more, depending on what your recipient likes. You could also wrap a few items with the color you're going for if it doesn't fit within the scheme you've chosen. Pinterest has tons of ideas on how to execute each color well. Have fun with it!

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