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Random Acts of Kindness Week Starts February 9th

Random Acts of Kindness Week Starts February 9th

Did you hear about those people paying off stranger's layaway accounts before Christmas? What an amazing act of kindness! I'd like to think we can try to be kind throughout the year and not just around Christmas though. So, I've decided to make my own efforts this year to perform what they call, "random acts of kindness."

While most of these "acts" may go unnoticed or unrecognized, I know they'll help me feel better about myself as a member of the human race, and also, bring happiness to those around me. So, what better time to enact this positive outlook than in February, during which national Random Acts of Kindness Week kicks-off on the 9th? Showing kindness to those you don't know is one way to contribute to making the world a better place. It will help me to also be more conscious of how I treat people I come in contact with on a daily basis.

First, I've started by brainstorming a list of things I can start doing on a daily basis to practice acts of kindness. I'll start by trying to check off one per day. I can't wait to start feeling that helper's high! How about joining me too?

litter pickup

Pick up trash that's not yours: Who knows? Maybe someone will see you and then do the same. Imagine what that could lead to!


Give up your unused gift card balance: Are you going to the store to spend that gift card you got from your Aunt for Christmas? Why not give the unused balance left on it afterwards to a stranger in the store?


Buy Girl Scout cookies: Not for you! For the troops. It's now pretty standard on the ordering forms that you can buy the cookies and have them sent overseas.


Buy a coworker a cup of coffee: If you're used to grabbing a Starbucks on your way into work, why not pick up another one for a coworker or stranger you pass?


Let a car into traffic in front of you: This is a big one for me since I drive to work every day. I'll now decide to let that car pass in front of me (even if they're rude!)


Put away someone else's shopping cart in the parking lot: Hey! Put away your own cart for crying out loud! This way you'll help avoid yourself or someone else from getting a little knick on their car.


Remove snow for someone else: You can shovel snow in front of a neighbor's house or dust off snow from a stranger's car.


Send someone a playlist: Have you compiled an awesome playlist via Spotify or other music sharing site? Give it to someone to brighten their day. They'll love that you thought of them!


Invite someone to the gym: If you belong to a gym, invite someone along. Most gyms offer guest passes to existing members, so be sure to use them!


Make a meal for someone: Whether it's your partner or a friend, cooking for someone is one of the kindest things you can do, especially if you're not normally the cook. In that case, the receiver will be especially appreciative.

BONUS: Call your Mother!

random acts of kindness

It actually sounds like a prettty fun and creative thing to do, right? Well, here are some great resources to find more ideas for performing random acts of kindness to make your own list. Check 'em out:

  1. Visit for more inspiration.
  2. This woman decided to perform 20 random acts of kindness on her 20th birthday and our very own Melody performed 30 random acts of kindness for her 30th birthday as well.
  3. Check out this calendar for more ideas for every day in February!

I'd love to hear what ideas you have for random acts of kindness or what random acts you've done in the past.

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