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Get your game on: top FREE game apps

Our lives are super busy and these 'fancy' smart phones are supposed to help with that, allowing us to get more done anywhere at anytime. But they also allow us to take a break and play when we want to. So we've compiled a list of some of our favorite free game apps that are sure to help you whittle the time away. Just don't complain when you get sucked down the gaming rabbit hole!  


2048: Be warned, this game will suck hours from your life, but it will stimulate your brain. Essentially you match numbers up increasing them in value and the goal is to get to 2048. Good luck. I can't get past the 200's! Great for adults and kids alike. Available for iPhone and Android.


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Heads up: Ok, so this game is 99 cents but that's practically free right? Basically a non-silent charades, Heads up gives the receiver a word or phrase to act out while the person holding the phone or tablet in front of their forehead, has to guess what it is. Fast paced and with endless categories (you can buy more but there are free ones as well) this is also perfect for kids and adults and better at parties. Available at the App Store and Google Play store.


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Letterpress: I love word games. Words with Friends is my obsession. It's a problem and I am seeking treatment for it. This app marries Boggle with strategy, allowing you to block your opponent from getting the letters to play a certain word. This could get ugly! Check it out for iPhone and iPad. There's no Android version at this time.


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Temple Run: My son's favorite, this game is like controlling Indiana Jones, making him run, jump and duck through obstacles and jungles. It works by using your fingers but also tilting your device for twists and turns. Just try and keep up! For iPhone and Android.


Two DotsTwo Dots: Simple, addictive, everlasting. Two Dots challenges you to connect two or more dots and make it through obstacles like blocks, ice, fire and more. The only frustrating part of the game is you only have 5 lives to use at a time, but they each regenerate after 20 minutes. The game updates ever few weeks with more levels, so even if you make it to the end (currently 210 levels), chances are more levels will be added soon.



Trace: This iPhone app challenges you to navigate obstacles to reach the star-shaped exit, but you can draw and erase your own platforms to help reach your goal.


Flappy GolfFlappy Golf: Flap your way to the hole while playing this addictive game on iPhone or Android. Play 52 levels solo or multi-player and get to the hole in the fewest flaps as possible!


photo 2Lumosity: You work out your body, now you can work out your brain too! Lumosity was designed by neuroscientists to train memory, attention and more, all by playing mini games. It even gives you your "LPI" score (Lumosity performance Index) to help you compare your strengths and weaknesses across games that challenge a variety of cognitive abilities. Furthermore, researchers have increasingly been collecting the game data in hopes of further understanding the effects of brain training on Alzheimer's disease prevention, so you can become a part of a bigger movement. Try the free version, or unlock extra games with the paid option. For iPhone and Android.

What are some of your favorite game apps?

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