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Baby shower planning ideas

I recently had the opportunity to host a friend's baby shower for the first time, and was lucky enough to have some really creative co-hosts. Here are some tips for hosting a super cute, affordable baby shower in your home.


Finger sandwiches


If you have a few hosts, ask each to prepare a finger sandwich. Here are a few easy, delicious ideas.


Quiche & other appetizers

We made two delicious spinach and cheese quiches, which were perfect for our size group. If you have a larger guest list though, grab some frozen finger foods for easy preparation. There are some tasty options out there for sure and throwing them in the oven will free up some time to get everything else ready before the baby shower.


Fruit salad

IMG_2183 If you're making a fruit salad, you have to try this watermelon carved baby carriage.


Candy bar


A candy bar is an easy dessert and adds to the decorations of the shower. In this case, we were celebrating a baby girl, so I went to Party City and got a few different pink candies that adults would eat: M&M's, mints and chocolate. You can make a cute bar pretty cheaply, too, especially if you're able to get a coupon. If you leave out bags for guests to pack up some sweets, the candy bar can also double as a favor. My favorite candy is the 'It's a girl' Hershey kisses that I found at Party City!

photo 1[1]

Baby shower favor ideas



To keep with the baby shower theme, filling a baby bottle or baby food jar is a cute idea as a favor. We also knew someone who makes all natural hand lotion, so I filled up some jars and added a little ribbon.

Baby shower favor

Bubblegum Cigars

Bubblegum cigars are a traditional, affordable option, too.



Sweets are always a good idea since you can customize to the theme/colors of the party. Try making or buying custom cookies or even a cute cookie cutter.





If you have some time to make the favor yourself, try out this cute baby shoe template and fill with candy or mints.

Baby shower gift ideas

Kinderpack baby carrier

This guitar pattern is my favorite!

I recently learned about the Kinderpack, which is a carrier for babies that comes highly recommended. It comes in a few sizes, and molds to the child for the perfect fit. Each Thursday at noon the site is restocked with a new fabric, and I hear they sell out QUICK. I can't speak from personal experience, but I've heard from a few moms that this carrier, which can be used to carry on your front or back, is extremely comfortable for both mom and baby and really lasts. If you're lucky enough to grab one, this is a great gift! $169


Huggable pacifiers

Huggable Pacifier

A pacifier and a new cuddly friend, all in one. $12.95


Baby Bullet

babybulletMake healthy, nutritional baby food quickly and easily with the baby bullet. $60



This is truly the all in one diaper bag!

bushka This stylish bag unfolds into a plush, colorful, home-away-from-home changing space for baby and toddler. $228



Baby Socks I dare you to see a pair of baby socks and not say "awwww." Now times that by 12. Get 3 pairs of socks in each incremental size: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 18 months.


Baby bean bags


Everyone likes a bean bag. Chances are this new baby will be no exception. $48


Gyro Bowl

Gyro Bowl

So your toddlers never spill their cereal. $6


Do you have any tips for baby shower planning? Share them with us in the comments!

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