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Must have beach accessories

Summer and the beach go hand in hand. But a trip to the beach often requires lots of hands as you lug everything and the kitchen sink with you. Of course you know you need a hat, sunscreen, flip-flops, water, a blanket, etc., but what other cool things would make your trip better? We've got some must have beach accessories, gadgets and items that will hopefully make your beach excursion less hassle and more relaxing! JAMBOX by Jawbone: It's not a trip to the beach without music. This amazing device let's you stream music from your smartphone to the speaker, projecting sound as crisply as if you put it on your home theater system. Plus it's compact, lightweight and comes in 117 color combos. Yes, 117.

Compact, colorful and crisp, clear sound!

An awesome cooler: Sitting in the sun all day can really make you hungry! And thirsty! This cooler is not only big enough for several friends, it has wheels to roll on the sand, is insulated, has a drain for water and even cup holders. Or, if you're headed to the pool, try one of these floating coolers.

Backpack Beach Chair: You've got enough to carry, so sling this chair on your back and trek down the sand hands free. Not only does it come with cushioned carrying straps, it has a pillow, cup holder, a backpack for more storage and even a removable foot rest. Plus it reclines!

This chair puts the v in versatile.

Kindle Paperwhite: If you love to read at the beach and don't want to lug a physical book, this e-reader is perfect. It is meant for viewing in direct sunlight, so you aren't forced to hide under an umbrella to get your fix. And weighing in at just over 7 ounces, you don't have to worry about it weighing you down.

Spikeball: The newest craze for adults and bigger children is this game which combines volleyball with four square. And it all goes nicely into a carrying sack so again, look ma, no hands!

Mophie Battery Case: Hopefully you won't be spending too much of your beach day on the phone. But in case you didn't have time to charge before you left, or the battery runs out while using your phone to stream music, grab one of these fashionable cases which will keep your smartphone charged for two full cycles.

Super Soaker Max Infusion Helix: Stick with the classics and bring out the fun with a Super Soaker at the beach! This new blaster puts a modern spin on the aqua blaster by offering up to 20-feet targeting and two powerful spinning streams.

Sand-free beach tote: CGear Sand-Free's unique patented weave is a "one-way sift" ensuring sand, dirt and dust will fall through to the ground below however particles underneath do not penetrate. No more leftover sand in the bottom of our bags? We're in!

Sand goes out, not in.

A bag for your sandy stuff: Sandy sandals? Wet bathing suit? Dirty towel? Put them all in this heavyweight nylon bag that will contain and conceal any mess, sand or odors.

Vapur wine carrier: No glass at the beach! Pour your wine into this reusable, ultra lightweight vessel and enjoy your sips in style!

Keep your wine cool and concealed!

Water bottle: Don't forget to stay hydrated! Try a fun and reusable bobble bottle which filters the water as you drink it.

Have anything to add to our must-have list? Let us know!


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