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Get ready for summer!

Tomorrow is the official first day of summer and it's time to get everything ready to make the most of the season. From backyard and house prep to activities and recipes - we've got some tips to make sure you don't miss a summer beat. House & Yard


Prep the lawn and get out the lawn furniture, clean it, and set it up on that beautiful lawn! Maybe buy a few new items this year to make your outdoor space unique - a few brightly colored outdoor pillows, an ottoman, or maybe some nice outdoor lights.

Now's the time to test out the air conditioning to make sure everything is working correctly - you don't want to be stuck when it's super hot outside, not to mention the cost of fixing it will be much more expensive then. An air conditioner that's running smoothly will save you money. Start the summer with a fresh air filter and follow the instructions for replacing it - usually a few times per season.

Entertainment & Party Planning


Summer is the time to play outside - day and night. Make it a goal to visit all of the area playgrounds, pools, parks or beaches. And at night, be on the lookout for outdoor concerts - local shows are often free of charge. And don't forget what a good time a picnic can be on a nice day. Pack some sandwiches, fruit, perhaps a bottle of wine and some outdoor speakers and you're set. And don't forget the sunscreen!

And be sure to get in a few workouts now and then. Here are some fun outdoor exercises that will keep you in shape all season long.

Food & Drinks

Frozen Drinks

First things first, a summer day is not complete without ice cream, so check out our favorite ice cream treats.

And don't worry we have other food and drink recipes for you as well, including perfect snack ideas for kids on the go and delicious summer sangria for the adults.

We even have some great tips of summer food swaps - why not try some bananas instead of sugar, or avocado instead of dairy in your next summer recipe?

Do you have any summer prep tips? Share here!

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