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Celebrating Dear Ol' Dad!

We recently celebrated that special day dedicated to 'mommy dearest' with a blog post of unique gift ideas for mom. Well, nearly a month has passed since then and the time has come for us to do the same for dear ol' Dad! Let's be honest, shopping for Dad isn't always easy. Whether it's because he never really lets you know exactly what he wants, or perhaps he's really into an obscure, complex hobby or maybe it's simply that our society continues to perpetuate the idea that Dad just can never have too many ties. Regardless of the reason, getting Dad a gift can sometimes be difficult.

So, we decided to pick a list of items that we know Dads will love and make your shopping for Father's Day gifts easy-peasy!

father's day giftsFitness Tracker Wearable devices are taking the health-conscious crowd by storm. With a plethora of options out there (FitBit, Jawbone Up, Nike FuelBand and Samsung Gear Fit to name but a few) there a numerous ways to make Dad's day-to-day exercise, calorie burn, heart rate and more just plain fun for him to track and try to beat!


Time with Buddies Some time with father's day giftsfriends can go a long way for Dad (even if only to go to the driving range, to grab lunch or catch a concert). Chances are if you arrange even a casual get-together with Dad's friends on his behalf, he'll be pretty appreciative. Maybe it's a sanctioned poker night or baseball game with the ol' college buddies - regardless, the planning time spent will be appreciated.


father's day giftsProud Dad T-Shirt If you must consider clothing for Dad, consider something fun, hip and trendy that he's likely to wear ( ties!) There's a cottage industry of snarky tees that has arisen from the growth of Internet memes and crowd-sourced T-shirt ideas. And it doesn't end with "snarky," there are really fun and unique tees that a Dad can be proud of wearing, that make a statement and that he can be proud to talk about if asked (they are conversation starters after all!)


Grilling/Cooking Classfather's day gifts Does Dad love to grill? Why not get grilling season kicked-off with a class on grilling to fine-tune pops' skills? Some local restaurants in nearly every locale offer this around the beginning of grilling season. If you're in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago be sure to check out a site that's got exactly these types of culinary course listings that'll get Dad's grilling season super-charged. Heck, Weber Grills even has a series of classes that they teach out of their Chicago, Weber Grill Restaurant location.


father's day giftsRustic, Wood Anything Items fashioned out of wood can provide a natural and even calming effect to a space and chances are Dad could always use a hand in that department. However, he doesn't have to be a woodworker to appreciate these functional, eye-catching wood products. A couple pieces that piqued my interest for Dad recently include driftwood docking stations for mobile devices - a sophisticated juxtaposition of manmade and natural forms. There are also up-cycled wineracks constructed of wood that really add a classy touch to a room and may give Dad an opportunity to showcase his knowledge of vino perhaps. Even reclaimed wooden furniture is a nice way to cap-off a room, particularly a Dad's Den if your house happens to have one.


"Father" Poster, Hand-Signedfather's day gifts These are a bit more conventional, but thanks to a treasure-trove of artisans on, these simple proclamations of love have a numerous unique formats, designs and personal touches. Have a look at the one to the right, for example, from whatthehootdesigns. Cap it off with a personal inscription from you and the kids!



father's day giftsHome-made Always Wins! Ok, this one is a no-brainer. Parents love gifts that show thought, effort and - most importantly - love. This is particularly the case when the product of it is a truly personalized, home-made gift. Now, I know parents likely have a limit to the number of tchotchkes they can put in the rooms of their house and office, but the fact is even the most pragmatic folks among us know that a hand-made gift from a child, a spouse or both just really goes a long way for the soul. So, what kind of handmade items can you consider making for Dad? Check out local ceramics studios to see if they have a beginner class to build or throw pottery. Is Dad an outdoorsman? Check with some of the larger outdoors retailers to see if they have classes for tying flies!


Shaver Equipment/Club This one isn't really revolutionary, but to be honest, a razor is a frequent part of dear ol' father's day giftsDad's daily regimen and life. Good quality shaving products or even a subscription is something that even the most hardened "man's man" will have to admit makes the regimen a bit more tolerable and even pampering. (Yep, even Dad can be pampered, folks!) Check with The Art of Shaving, Dollar Shave Club or King of Shaves for a suite of products just for Dad! Also, for the more discerning (and pricier set), be sure to check out The Art of Shaving online or at one of their many retail locations. From hardwood-handled lather brushes to exquisitely-crafted razors and more, they've cornered the market in upscale face fashion for men.

Hopefully these help you out! What gifts do you have in mind for Dad's day?

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