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Pet adoption: House Party's adorable, furry family members

We're big animal lovers here at House Party - because hey, a house isn't really a home without a furry friend to love, right? Earlier this year two of our employees adopted dogs (both named Lucy!) and it sparked the conversation about how important pet adoption is. So, we decided it's a good time to dedicate a post to the adopted pets of the House Party family. Renee's rescues


"Our family has welcomed two dogs from animal shelters into our home - Talia and Lucy - both adopted when they were around three years old. We were so lucky to have Talia, a Canadian Eskimo-Huskie mix, for 10 years and then when she passed away we adopted Lucy, a Beagle mix, about a year later. I clearly remember meeting each of them at the animal shelter and feeling certain each time that they were "the one". I think lots of families come to the shelter looking for puppies, but I liked the idea of adopting an adult dog (that's hopefully house-trained) since they may not be as in-demand. I know they're called "rescue" dogs but I think it's the other way dogs have rescued me with their unconditional love."


All five members of David's clan came from shelters or places of need.

From left to right: Rhonda, Max, Luna, Marlo (cat)

"Max was my college dog. He and Luna are old fogies now. Rhonda and Marlo are the youngsters of the house. Marlo enjoys rubbing against all the dogs and cleaning their paws and ears. Not pictured here: Ginny, our other black cat, who's mostly found napping on top of the fridge."

Brian's cat, Madison (named after the street they live on)


"Madison was thin as a rail and now appears to have delightfully plumped up to a normal sleepy house cat size. My fiance, Kimberly, and I were told when looking at the ASPCA (which has an incredibly well-developed matching program for pets and owners based on temperament, exercise, age and other characteristics), that Madison was incredibly shy and probably wouldn't want to be held or come out of her cage. However, as soon as we saw that she climbed into my arms and promptly (like within seconds) fell asleep, we were sold and didn't need to meet any other cats. Now, she's a sucker for affection and surprisingly not moody (rare, I thought for a cat, but heck, we lucked out!)"

Liz's Dog, Willow


"I came across Willow's adorable snout while perusing PetFinder, during what my husband claimed was the "we're not ready for that type of responsibility" phase. That quickly changed after meeting her later that day at a Humane Society in upstate NY. I've never had a dog, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I just knew after meeting her that she was meant for us. The adoption process took about a week and I remember being so nervous that we may not get her, but a year and a half later I couldn't imagine our lives without her. She was five months when we adopted her, quite sick, shy, and not sure what to make of these two humans showering her with hugs and kisses. She has warmed up quite nicely and is happy, healthy and loves to spend as much time outside as possible. I met so many shelter dogs during my search, all hoping today was their lucky day to get to go to a forever home, and I'm proud that I could take one of them home, and hope that everyone considers visiting a shelter first in their search for a new furry family member."

Katie's Dogs, Clipper & Loca


Katie has two adopted dogs, Clipper, a pit/bull shepherd mix, and Loca-Bean, a black shepherd. Clipper was adopted from a shelter in NYC and was one of the last dogs to get adopted from his group. Loca was adopted from the North Shore Animal League.

Katie's other Shepherd, Loca, in action!

Steve's vocal cat, GabbyElla


"GabbyElla enjoys chasing giant, invisible mice and voicing her opinion about everything whenever she feels like it. Usually that starts at about 5am or so. My wife and I are nonetheless happy she chose to adopt us via the NYC ASPCA."

Check out more adorable pictures of our House Party pets:

Adopting a pet is a life-changing experience and requires much preparation and commitment. If you can't adopt, there are lots of other ways to help, including donating time or money to animal shelters or organizations. We hope our stories have inspired you to learn more about pet adoption and how you can help. And be sure to share your pet adoption stories or pictures with us on Facebook.

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