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It's time for Summer Camp

Summer is officially right around the corner. This is both exciting and scary! As a parent, you might already be thinking about what to do with your children during the summer months, or perhaps you've had it all lined up since last summer (you know who you are Type-A parent). Either way, we've got some summer camp ideas, long-term and short-term, to hopefully suit any child and any passion they might have. This post covers a nice list of options ranging from Day Camp and Sleep Away Camp to Specialty summer camps. And it shows it's never too late to find something fun for your kid's diverse interests. And for your diverse pocketbook!

Lifetime friendships and fun!

Why can't adults have any fun? They can. Check out this post about my experience at Tennis Camp. There are plenty of other adult summer camps outside of tennis, so find your passion, or discover a new one!

Adults can go to camp too!

Are you sending your kids to a summer camp? What about yourself? I'd love to hear all about it.


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