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Putting a bow on Mother's Day gifts

Mother's Day is nearly here and we're all beginning to scramble for flowers, chocolates, jewelry and all the standard items to show Mom just how much we love and appreciate her. *Cue record scratch*

While there's nothing explicitly wrong with those items - they're nice - but are they as nice and thoughtful as they could be? Well, are they...really? Look, being a mom is a nearly thankless task that also doesn't happen to come with a handy card clock to "punch-out" of when the day is done. Oh, no...the definition of 24/7/365 service was originated and continues to be held by moms. Bar none.

So, realizing that this awesome lady always made you soup and kept you cozy when you were ill, cheered at your middle school sports (no doubt in the freezing cold) and has advised you savvily through adolescence and into adulthood, it stands to be said that we all can do a bit better when it comes to gifts on the one day in which we celebrate mom.

So, I've got five mother's day gifts that run the spectrum to help you choose just which special gift you should have in your sights for mom on May 11th.

A Class...Together! mother's day gifts cooking class

Now, if giving of your time is one very representative way to show someone you care, an even better way than that is to take that time and both try something new together. Has your mom always wanted to try a pottery class? Or maybe a wine tasting class? Perhaps it was a cooking or language class? Well, if geography isn't a constraint for you and your mom, look into these classes as a really fun and memorable gift alternative. There are many opportunities with price tags ranging from the elite to even community education classes. Choosing to give a class as a gift, you'll be making memories as she enjoys the present you've given her - it's pretty much like a bonus gift wrapped right in!


mother's day gifts spa Ok, this one might be a bit more cliche, but especially based on what was said earlier about the thankless and seemingly never-ending job of a mom, a spa gift continues to be a great call. Not only does it mean that someone will finally be taking time to pamper mom, but as most of us know, it means that mom actually has to schedule and take the time for herself (finally, right?!) So, with the help of the above "Spa-It-Up" link to, you'll have a perfect gift locally with whatever services mom could desire: whether massage, mani/pedi, hydrotherapy or scrubs. Art

mother's day gifts etsy

This one called-out to me, since it's so uniquely styled, elegantly gets the "I love you, Mom" message across in few words and can be displayed in the home for years to come. I found this particular framed art on, which is absolutely stocked with fantastic artisan-crafted items like this. If this looks like something your mom would love, have a peek at, because there's a treasure trove of Mother's Day gifts just waiting.

Overnight Trip

mother's day gifts overnight trip

This one completely depends on where you're located. Maybe mom and dad have been looking for an excuse to escape for some time just to themselves, so Dad can pamper mom or maybe mom wants to get away with the girls for an evening or two? Not to worry! Are you in the Pacific Northwest? Find a fun seaside bungalow! Is your mom in the Northeast? Perhaps a night's escape to New Hampshire or Vermont. Maybe you're in the South/Southeast, well New Orleans is a beautiful, classic and festive place to escape for a night. The great thing is that with services like and the hotel chains don't have the upper-hand anymore. You can find affordable places to stay that may be an entire apartment, condo or home for the same price or often less than a hotel. This makes an overnight(s) getaway easy for a family or set of siblings to afford together for Mother's Day. If you could send your mom on an overnight trip, where would you choose for her?

Relive the Memories mother's day gifts canvas print

One of our past sponsors can make reliving the memories pretty easy, whether it's in a photo book, a mug, an iPhone cover or even a pillow! Simply upload your photos, make your selection, design it and..viola. In a few days, you'll have a completely personalized way to remember what family is all about.

And here's one extra list of great products, made by normal, everyday people like you who had an idea and have brought it to fruition.

The Grommet's Gifts Many of the creators of these items are, in fact, moms! So, whether it's a "Handbag handcuff", a convertible cape/shawl/dress or even a "Hot Iron Holster," you're not going to want to miss perusing this list before you make your final picks...

Have a brilliant, out-of-the-box idea that's not listed here? Perfect, go with that idea! That means you've spent the time really thinking about who mom is and what she enjoys. And time is probably, in and of itself, one of the most valuable gifts we can give after all, right?

What are you planning for your Mom this Mother's Day?

Image courtesy of Benjamin Earwicker

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