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Happy Earth Day!

When you're the only planet in the universe known to harbor life, you don't have to pull rank. You come by your respect freely and honestly. Earth Day is the day where everyone throughout the world is invited to show the natural affection we have for the land, the rivers, the trees, the lakes and the air and just about everything that's natural and irreplaceable. Don't miss your chance to be a part of it! It's time to take inspiration from the seemingly small but actually significant ways we've evolved to respect the earth over the years. We've become more innovative, committed and passionate about protecting this terra firma with which we're supposed to be one.

In what ways, though, do we exhibit this passion and respect? We set pollution standards, we recycle all kinds of things to reduce waste, we buy more fuel efficient cars, we plant crops and shop more sustainably and we raise hell to prevent toxic dumping in natural habitats just to name a few examples.

So, be sure to celebrate the spirit of the day, a day which should remind us just how sacred a place this is which we inhabit. Now's your excuse to visit a park or zoo, plant a garden, or check out the programs your local library is running for Earth Day. Maybe even take some spare time to study an aspect of our global climate. Or simply ensure you get some time outside. Ride a bike. Walk. Sit on a bench. Stop and listen to the natural world around you.

However you choose to celebrate Earth Day, you're joining a group that's taking time - even just one official day - to treasure this that always welcomes us home.

How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day today?

About the author: Shana is a friend of House Party. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and concerts. Her party tip: Dessert, specifically chocolate.

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