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We dyed and went to Easter Egg heaven

I'm gonna just say it. I never dyed Easter eggs as a kid. Deprived? Maybe. Jewish? Definitely. But the benefit of being an adult and having married into a Christian family (and having a child of my own) means I finally now get to enjoy the fun that is dyeing eggs. And since I wanted to share the fun with other adults, we at the House Party Blog spent time re-living our childhood and gave it a go. The results are, um, interesting to say the least, but the major thing we learned was READ THE DIRECTIONS. Apparently vinegar is a must to set the dye. Sadly, we didn't know this or had somehow forgotten it. So, our results are a mixed bag. Regardless, we had fun and - whether your dyed egg could double as a museum-grade Faberge or it barely even appears dyed - having fun is really all that matters.

Want to try this? Here's a great link for mosaic or crackled eggs, and yes, you can eat them afterward.

The mosaic dyeing sort of worked.

And for something a bit more challenging, check out these amazing Easter eggs. From Faberge to crochet to hand-painted, these all offer some pretty amazing examples to shoot for.

What are your Easter egg dying techniques? As you can see, we certainly could use the tips!

Happy Easter to those celebrating!

Happy Earth Day!

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