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Top 10 reasons we won't miss winter anytime soon

Originally, as we were planning upcoming blog posts, we thought this particular post might cover the "Top 8 Winter Memories" or "Top 5 Reasons We'll Miss Winter." And then it snowed. A lot.

And not just in terms of amount of snowfall, but frequency too.

So we went back to the drawing board and retooled this post to possibly "Top 4 Winter Memories" or "Top 3 Reasons We'll Miss Winter" instead. But then it got really cold. As in "we-need-a-new-term-to-say-how-cold-it-really-is" cold. And the term "Arctic Vortex" rapidly became part of the modern American lexicon.

So, here we are, having gone through one of the worst winters in recent and not-so-recent memory (something which we're pretty sure 75% of the country would agree with us on) which prompted this retooled and we think entirely appropriate blog post: "Top 8 reasons We Won't Miss Winter Anytime Soon."

So, to add to the suspense, we're going to do this post in the David Letterman "Top Ten" count-down style. Let us know which ones you agree with the most! Here goes...

Number 10: Sun is nice. (Remember that glowing orb that used to appear and disappear each day?)

Number 9: Because we miss all iced beverages. And frozen margaritas. And ice cream.

Number 8: The chirping of birds is a lot more pleasant to the ears than the the cracking of icicles.

Number 7: We're actually looking forward to finally mowing a lawn. (That's a first...)

Number 6: For those with mustaches or beards, no more of the daily "frost-stache" with which you've become accustomed. (Good thing for those around you, too!)

Number 5: No more bulky jackets and layers to carry with you. Hello short sleeves!

Number 4: Outdoor activities: from evening walks, to baseball games and weekend tennis matches, it all beats being couped up inside and watching TV (not that we don't love TV)!

Number 3: The beach, water parks, boardwalks, outdoor concerts, and all the other fun day trips and events that are not winter friendly!

Number 2: Flip-flops, sundresses and oh yeah, no jackets! We can leave the house in minimal clothing and be totally comfortable.

Number 1: The feeling of sun on our skin. Is there any better feeling?

winter central park

Tell us why you're not going to miss winter anytime soon!

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