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It's April: Join us in supporting Autism Awareness Month!

Each year in April - around the globe - families, friends and organizations join together to support a cause that touches a growing number of lives: Autism and autism spectrum disorders. April is Autism Awareness Month and understanding and treating these disorders have been constant pursuits of organizations like Autism Speaks, The Autism Society of America, and The National Autism Association among many. However, recently, with the Center for Disease Control's newest Autism report showing a greater than 29% increase in the estimated number of children identified with autism and spectrum disorders (from 1 in 88 in 2012 to 1 in 68 today), the ongoing battle against the disorders has escalated.

And so, it's with increased dedication that we kick-off Autism Awareness Month with World Autism Awareness Day...TODAY! How can you join us in supporting the cause? Well - first and foremost - today you can join the thousands of homes and structures around the globe that are showing their advocacy in a very visual way: By lighting up blue, the official color of autism awareness! Here's how you can Light It Up Blue, whether "it" is your house, business or building care of Autism Speaks!

autism awareness light it up blue

Also, what better way to mark the proud day of support than by hosting your very own Light It Up Blue party. Our friends over at Autism Speaks helped us out with some great suggestions for throwing your very own Light It Up Blue party, something which we know, as a House Party member, you'll be interested in.

And there's much more that you can do beyond lighting-up blue today, you can donate to the cause, host a blue event, light up someone's day or get involved/volunteer with any of the following organizations below:

Autism Speaks

The Autism Society of America

The National Autism Association

Regardless of how you show your support, know that there are millions of families that appreciate your time and advocacy. Together we can work to better understand autism and autism spectrum disorders better and help support those living with it. Now, let's go Light It Up Blue!

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