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Spring is almost here, let's clean as if it were!

For most of the nation, this winter has been one that - unfortunately - won't be forgotten anytime soon. Not ringing a bell? Let's take stock of all that the wondrous world of Polar Vortices provided us for a second:

- Atlanta (as in, Georgia) had multiple pile-ups and abandoned cars on miles of local highways due to snow.

- Parts of Florida (yes...that Florida) had roads closed due to ice earlier this month.

- The majority of the plains states all the way through the Northeast experienced some of the worst cold in decades.

And...we still have about a month until we're technically no longer in the midst of ol' man winter's grip. And Punxsutawney Phil didn't really do us any favors either with 6 more weeks of winter's chill prescribed.

So, for those of you reading this from the beautifully untouched states of California or Arizona: Count yourselves as lucky and please excuse the preceding rant from a northeasterner who would love (like, really LOVE) to see the sun again soon and know that our world hasn't been plunged into the next great ice age.

It's with this in mind that we decided we'd actually pivot on that negativity and just start looking optimistically ahead to Spring. Sure, it's about a month ahead of time, but even the prospects of spring cleaning sound delightful in contrast to the last couple months. So, let's start there: Spring Cleaning.

Every winter, we batten-down-the-hatches and prepare for what's to come; and, reciprocally, once winter's left us, it's time to swing open the windows, let the fresh air in and go through the clutter that likely amassed during our hibernation period. This means organizing indoors and some freshening-up of our abodes outdoors as well. We've got a pretty handy list of spring cleaning tips to help you prepare for the new season.

Are you the organizational specialist in your family? Or perhaps you're the go-to outdoor handyman in your abode? Regardless of your specialty, you'll be able to take at least a couple of these tips with you as you plan for Spring. What are your spring cleaning recommendations? We're all ears and looking forward to even the mundane parts of springs advent with glee, so comment below with your suggestions!


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