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Happy President's Day!

The President's Day holiday has a long history. Our country has celebrated it since 1885, though at that time it was known as the holiday: George Washington's Birthday; and, it's designed to give recognition to our most famous past statesmen. In a country where so many states have been hammered by snow and treacherous weather for the last several weeks, let's hope for a reprieve from all of that nastiness and a chance to come out from the cold and celebrate our fine country and founding fathers. So here's to a day without shovels, traffic delays and heavy boots. Here's to being able to get out and keep any plans you've made, like shop, or be with friends or family. And while we're on the subject, in case you want to learn more about President's Day, take a look at our blog post from last year. In it, we have some cool websites listed where you can learn more about our Presidents and how they contributed to the history and development of our great nation.

Happy President's Day!

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