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Valentine's Day gift & date ideas

The official day of love is right around the corner and we've got you covered with some great Valentine's Day gift and date ideas. Date ideas

1. Reenact your first date - this will bring back great memories (plus the work of figuring out what to do and where to go is already done for you!). It'll be fun to reenact the night that your relationship started.

2. If you're lucky enough to both have the day off and the weather cooperates, take a long walk, a hike through the woods or go on a bike ride together. If your climate is still submerged in a winter wonderland see if you can get a last minute deal on a romantic ski lodge or cabin.

3. There's always the old, traditional candlelight dinner - at a restaurant or at home - which is soothing and flattering to nearly everyone!

4. Local venues often offer concerts with Valentine's Day themes as well - like acoustic love songs. These options are certainly not to be overlooked as you plan your V-Day activities.

5. There's no shortage of movies about love, too - whether it be found, forbidden or re-discovered. Some that come to mind cover a wide span of eras, including classics like: Dirty Dancing, Casablanca, The Notebook, Brief Encounter, Same Time Next Year, A Matter of Life and Death, Titanic, and The English Patient. Check out some more movie ideas from our blog last year to help round-out the holiday.

6. Make the Valentine's Day mood last: During your V-Day date, each of you write down two dates that you'd love to go on in the upcoming year. Try to include something different, like going to a symphony or checking out a horse race, and then keep those notes and promise to do them by the end of the year!

7. If you need date ideas, HowBoutWe for couples is a service that hand-picks local dates and offers them to members at reasonable prices. Dates could be anything from a local painting or dance class, to a comedy show or a delicious meal at a well-known restaurant. It can be a fun and incredibly easy way to spice up your date nights with some new ideas.

Gift Ideas

For the...

Music lover: A SiriusXM music subscription (which eliminates commercials and provides lots of music channels to choose from) or concert tickets. (Tickets happen to be Liz's favorite gift to give since it promises a fun date night out together.) Also consider making a CD with a playlist of all the songs that have specific meaning for your relationship and history together.

Foodie: Find a ridiculously good recipe that you haven't made before, buy all the ingredients, stay in and cook together! Pair that with a good bottle of wine (again, try a new variety to add excitement!) and enjoy your night.

Sweet tooth: Buy a chocolate of the month subscription or bake a sweet treat.

The Intellectual: Write you special someone a handmade love note and frame it.

Looking for something unique? Be sure to check out Uncommon Goods for great ideas you won't find anywhere else. Or visit for numerous other romantic gift ideas. As always, if you need some recipe ideas or DIY gift options, check out our Valentine's Day Pinterest board.

These are just some of the fun ideas we love to cook up this romantic time of year. What's on you Valentine's Day agenda? We'd love to hear your great date or gift ideas!

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