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The top 5 reasons you should visit a cabin this year

One of our favorite sugary breakfast condiments is named after them. We have the Finnish and Swedish to thank for bringing them to us.

Abe Lincoln was supposedly born in one and heck, if they were good enough for ol' Abe, then they're good enough for us, too!

We're, of course, talking about log cabins and, while they may seem like a remnant of a bygone pioneer era, they've got their place in modern day America as well. They may be comparatively more luxurious and less drafty now, but they stem from those original hearty shelters and still typically are pretty bare bones in terms of amenities. Today, however, the cabin has become a symbol of relaxation, solitude and escape and with this in mind, we're bringing you the top 5 reasons why your winter should include at least a bit of cabin-ey goodness!

Reason #1: Fireplaces If you're lucky enough to have one of these in your current home, well, this might seem a bit less impressive. However, many don't and this is a quintessential feature that one imagines in a cabin. Why? There's something therapeutic and even primordial about keeping warm and cozy next to a natural wood fire. It can be mesmerizing and the perfect alternative to the multi-screen madness of daily life. (While not quite the same, many cabins are now equipped with gas fireplaces - a worthy substitute for the real thing.) Now, kick your sock-feet up and enjoy!

Reason #2: Peace & Quiet Yep, peace and quiet. Remember that stuff? Well, it's still out there, it just requires some searching, planning and committing. Cabins, whether tucked into a mountain setting, overlooking a beach or simply set pleasantly on the sweeping plains of the good ol' U.S. of A. provide a perfect atmosphere to unplug, think (or not think if you prefer) and live out a bit of a vacation from congestion, noise and technology. A little bit of peace and quiet can go a long way and heck, all that congestion, noise and technology will still be there waiting for you. Why not make it wait a bit longer?

Reason #3: The Senses Sight, smells and sounds seem clearer, different and often more vibrant when you're kickin' back in a cabin. Whether it's the lingering scent of pines floating through the air, the crispness with which you can see stars at night or even the call of birds you've never heard before, you're hard-pressed to not feel like you're senses have hit the reset button and are experiencing the world around you like a filter's been taken away. We are often so swept up in a particular routine of daily life that discovery of new experiences can be hard to come by. Sights, smells and sounds out-of-the-ordinary like these provided by a cabin setting can be particularly perfect for small children who - no doubt - absorb it like a sponge!

Reason #4: Rustic Nature Admittedly, this overlaps #'s 2 and 3 a bit, but chances are that from time-to-time you probably lose sight of how cool nature really is (and while watching Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel or NatGeo are informative, no, they really don't make the cut for true hands-on experience - sorry.) Spending time in nature is even attributed with helping to manage and fend-off stress and depression.

Quiz: Cabins are perfect for access to which of the following: a) hiking b) fishing c) photography d) stargazing e) finding a comfy spot to watch the world around you e) all of the above. You guessed it: The answer is 'e' and there are an infinite number of nature activities that you can add to that list. So, get out there, get your hands dirty, sweat a bit and make some memories that just can't be gathered anywhere else but in the pleasant surroundings of nature.

Reason #5: Romance This is one top reason I don't need to get into great detail on, but let's just say that the combination of seclusion and "roughing-it" can be a perfect recipe for romance. Whether it's a shared meal as you watch the sunset (without the addition of smog, for example) or a hand-in-hand walk through a field together, it's an opportunity to connect with that special someone and remember that little else really matters. With Valentine's Day less than a month away perhaps a cabin escape is the perfect gift!

These are our top 5 reasons to include a trip to a cabin this year, but there are TONS more. Let us in on the reasons you love to head to a cabin...

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