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Forget New Year's resolutions - Try this!

Ok, so it needn't be skydiving that you try, but you didn't read that title wrong. It's only two full days into 2014 and we're giving up on the new year's resolution list. Well, sort of. It's not that we're trying to avoid weight-loss goals, better sleep schedules or any of the life improvements that many try so diligently to address with the coming of a new year - we're still in favor of working towards those goals. However, if you're going to bother making a list to truly attack this year, make it a Bucket List.

I know, I know: "But, Bucket Lists are those things you try to accomplish over the course of an entire lifetime," you might be saying. Well, sure, but Carpe Diem, no? Life starts with each next moment - TODAY, not tomorrow. You never know when life might zig when you thought it would zag or present you with an opportunity to try something new that you might not have had time to consider trying. Well, guess what? Start considering those opportunities today instead of taking (ahem...wasting) time writing some standard New Year's Resolutions.

Be honest with yourself: We each have things that we've wanted to do but never prioritized. Well, finally, here's your chance to not let yourself off-the-hook.

Have you been wanting to learn a language? Maybe Japanese, Spanish or Italian? Well, let me direct you to any of the following sites: Rosetta Stone, Babbel, or Duolingo. Belissima!

Wanted to take-up golf, but been too afraid you're behind the learning curve? Not a good enough excuse. Here you go: Fore!

Been hoping to keep up with conversations your friends might have on current books? Try audio books or any of these book clubs: Slate's Audio Book Club, Goodreads Online Groups, and - of course - Oprah's Book Club. On to your first chapter...

Maybe you've wanted to learn how to sail, but been afraid of the time commitment or cost? Easy-peasy. Head to one of these sites for more: American Sailing Association, J World Sailing, or International Sailing Federation. Anchors away!

You get the idea. Whatever your wish, information on getting it done is simply a click away. While it may require some budgeting and conversation with your spouse or family, checking things off your Bucket List can not only be incredibly rewarding, but renewing as well. Allowing yourself to reach goals that you might think are years away from fruition can energize your self confidence and help you realize how little may truly stand between you and your goals!

How about I put my money where my mouth is? Five years ago I chose to do this and found myself happily jumping out of a plane and realizing a life goal I figured I'd get to only in retirement...not once, but twice. This year, I'm adding to my Bucket List and going to do my darndest to reach those goals. What's new on my list? Well, this is the year I'd like to become proficient at a beginner-to-intermediate level in html coding thanks to, plus run the New York City Marathon and learn Spanish.

So, don't be afraid of a New Year's Resolution list, in fact, don't do it. Invest your time in your Bucket List and start checking things off.

So, what's on your list?

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