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House Party gives back: How our community volunteers

As the holiday season approaches, our hearts and minds are drawn ever closer back to the fundamental importance of our families, our friends and the good fortune each of our lives has been afforded. While the stresses of a job, the hustle and bustle of everyday life and challenges of parenting can all present their difficulties and mini-conundrums, this season is a time for us to be thankful for our opportunities and those close to us, as well as to help out when life's little rainclouds visit. Many folks ensure that this focus doesn't simply reflect inward on one's own life, but rather also on the lives of others - through volunteerism and charitable giving. It's with this in mind that several weeks ago that we posed a question to you on our Facebook page about how you take time to give back and volunteer in your community. And answer, you did!

House Party volunteer stories

From assistance at community shelters to food donations to support groups and more, you - our community - provided shining examples of exactly that selfless holiday spirit in action. We were delighted to read through your responses and excited to hear more from you about those truly wonderful activities in your community this season and in the months to come!

House Party holiday volunteer photosHere at House Party, we've been ushering in the season by taking some time to lend a hand locally as well. This past week, part of our team spent the day with a nearby charitable organization, Family-to-Family, creating personal care packages for a local shelter. Did you know that under some state and federal support programs personal care items like soap, shampoo and deodorant aren't covered? Depending on program eligibility and the circumstances of individual families, this can make it tough to ensure sanitary and healthy conditions for a family and especially children. Well, we were happy to help and - as you can see - we were happy to wrap it all up in our House Party Halloween T-shirts. (Don't they look like little cloth pumpkins?) Now, we think that's a treat that really can mean a lot.

We're headed to the Westchester Food Bank in a week's time and we'll be sure to snap some photos and tell you a bit more about the work that we do there. We're also set to bring you more great stories about the spirit of volunteerism and lending a hand in the community during the coming two months, so you'll want to keep checking in on the blog as well as our Facebook page, Twitter handle, and even our Instagram profile, too.

In the meantime, let us know more about what volunteer stories you and your families are helping to build. Be sure to share your stories with us here, on Facebook and Twitter and even Instagram. Simply tag your posts with #HousePartyCares and we'll all be able to keep track of how you're having a helping holiday!

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