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Fall craft ideas

Every season brings its own unique opportunities for creativity and crafts. Whether you're looking for something fun to do with the kids, or you just like to get crafty yourself, we've got some fun ways to take advantage of the fall foliage, colors and themes to make some clever creations. Rainbow Loomrainbow loom fall craft ideas If you have an elementary school age child, chances are you're knee-deep in Rainbow Loom already. Popular on the camp circuit and in schools nationwide, this plastic gadget lets kids and adults get creative to make bracelets out of colorful rubber bands. To put a fall twist on it, try making bracelets with black and orange for Halloween, or even orange and brown for Thanksgiving. Better yet, how about these adorable glow-in-the-dark ghost charms? Or if your child is going as a minion for Halloween, give them a minion bracelet to match.

leaf labels fall craft ideasLeaf labels Strictly adults-only, this fun and simple project is perfect for your next wine tasting or wine party. It offers fall creativity while hiding the wine label for blind tasting. So much classier than a paper bag!

Marbled leaves marbled leaves fall craft ideas I love this and so will the kids. It uses shaving cream to paint. And the end result is a stunner. Plus you get the fun of going outdoors and collecting leaves, which is double-duty to clean the yard without the stigma of yard work!

squash bowling fall craft ideasSquash bowling Another genius idea for the kiddos. You can turn the gourds into pins and then use them to make a meal afterwards. Great for an outdoor birthday party, or the perfect crisp weekend.

Pumpkin Candles pumpkin candle votives fall craft ideas This is a really nice, subtle touch to your home with very little effort required. All you need are some small pumpkins (mini), a drill and large-diameter (1.5-2") paddle drill bit and some votive candles. Stephanie Vanderslice's "A Little Slice of Paradise" blog has a great break-down on exactly how to do it!

leaf canning jar lantern fall crafts ideasLeaf Canning Jar Lanterns These are really simple to make, but have a really great organic look, especially when illuminated from within. As long as you select a mixture of leaves that include some at peak color-change, you're bound to have some amazing colors pouring from these crafty little lanterns.

Plastic Tablecloth Wreathes plastic tablecloth wreath fall craft ideas This will take any old seemingly "cheesy" plastic tablecloth and turn it into a chic and versatile wreath that will look like you spend hours gathering the material or paid someone WAY too much for it. The nice thing is: You won't have done either of those things...and nobody has to know. Your little secret will be a stunning accompaniment to your front door, hearth or lamppost. Definitely give this one a try!

There are several ideas for getting crafty this fall that we love. But, what are your favorite craft projects for this time of year? We want to hear from you!

Image courtesy of Kristin at "High Heels and a Hammer"

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