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October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

232,340. That's the number of women in the United States who will have been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013...and that's just in the U.S.* Worldwide the numbers are staggering on an altogether larger scale: Every 19 seconds around the world a woman is diagnosed with a new case. Sadly, every 74 seconds, somewhere in the world a person dies of breast cancer.**

While these statistics may seem bleak, there are equal parts hope. Emerging genetic research and headline celebrities like Angelina Jolie are showing that information is in fact power and breast cancer patients or even prospective patients have more medical treatment and choices at their disposal than ever before. Joined with an ever more vibrant network of research organizations, clinics and even consumer brands dedicated to forwarding the cancer cure cause and our prospects for gaining the upper-hand in the fight against breast cancer are better than they've ever been. In fact, according to The Guardian, breast cancer survival rates have risen from just over half the diagnosed cases in 1971-1975 to over 85% as recently as 2009.

And so, this month we look with with particular focus and clarity to support the fight against breast cancer as a House Party membership, nation and global community. There's not a soul that hasn't in some way been touched by cancer and likely very few who haven't been touched by this particular type. Our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters past, present and future depend on our advocacy for the cause and we invite you to take part with us.(While not as prevalent, Breast Cancer also affects men.)

We've provided a set of some of the best breast cancer resources and related brands working to further raise the visibility of October, National Breast Cancer Awareness month. We encourage you to share your stories and contribute to this month's conversation. While this may be National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we're looking to sustain it for much longer than simply that!

Breast Cancer Resources and Advocacy Organizations:

Your Man Reminder: This ingenius app (iOs and Android) makes breast self exams fun and sexy. You can choose from a variety of shirtless men (or a woman - not shirtless) and they remind you (via video) every month to give your breasts some love. It also includes a calendar to schedule a Dr appointment, as well as how to do the exam, what to look for and how to reduce your risk.

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: A great way to challenge yourself (most walks are 60 miles over several days) and raise money for a great cause. See where there's a walk in your city.

If 60 miles is a little too much for you, try the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. This series of 5K runs and fitness walks, started in 1983, raises funds and awareness for the breast cancer movement, celebrates breast cancer survivorship, and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease.

Like to dance? Try a Zumbathon this year and party in pink! They're all around the country and if you've ever tried Zumba, you know, it's a blast!

Support companies that support breast cancer. Maybe companies donate money to the cause and identify themselves by placing a pink ribbon on their product or label. If you're between brands, why not pick the one that gives back to the community in this way? In fact, here are five companies that have gone above and beyond for the cause.

If nothing above is up your alley, take a look at the many organizations that work to prevent and cure breast cancer year-round.

These are just a few ideas of ways to get involved this month, and throughout the year. What have you done in the past? Please share any ideas, stories or motivation with us.

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*American Cancer Society **Susan G. Komen for the Cure

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