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How to plan a photo scavenger hunt

Each fall our sales team gathers in the Irvington, NY House Party HQ for a meeting. They come from all over the country, and each time we try to plan something fun for everyone so we get to know them a little better! This year we planned something a little different: a photo scavenger hunt. We split up into teams, and gave each team a list of things to do around town (within walking distance) and take pictures of them doing it. So, for example, we asked the teams to get a picture in front of a sliding board, a picture of the team with a police officer, or a picture of someone from the team with a stranger sporting a mustache. You get the idea. And if not, I've included our awesome list below - feel free to use some of these for your own hunt! Photo scavenger hunts are really easy to plan, all you need is a little bit of time, a few cameras (smartphones will do!) and teams of at least 3-4 people. This activity is GREAT for bonding, excessive laughter and fun pictures to look at later. If technology allows, it's great to show a slideshow of the pictures everyone took during an after party/gathering of sorts.

Take a peek at pictures from our four teams, and let us know if you have any other tips!


Here is the list that our four teams were given. Congrats to our winner, Team Soiree (also featured in the main image in front of the lovely Hudson River)!

  • Your team on a slide
  • Someone from your team walking a stranger's dog
  • Your team in front of a Chinese restaurant
  • Your team pretending to roast marshmallows over a fire
  • Your team holding the Irvington office mascot (hint: there's 2.5 of them in the office)
  • Your team all peeking from behind a tree
  • Your team name spelled out with objects
  • Everyone jumping at the same time
  • Your team sitting at a table in a restaurant while all holding up/looking at menus
  • Picture with train in the background
  • Photobomb! Give a stranger bunny ears
  • Everyone on a sports court/field acting out the corresponding sport
  • Crossing the street in line formation in a crosswalk
  • Pretending you're all stuck in an elevator
  • Swinging on a playground swing set
  • A teammate pumping gas in a stranger's car
  • A team member sitting on a fire truck with a fireman
  • Entire team jumping (everyone must be in mid-air for the picture to count)
  • Colorful tongues -eat or drink something to change your tongues to green, purple, etc
  • Reflections in something other than a mirror
  • Sign of the vendor at the Irvington Farmer's Market who sells samosas
  • Standing together smiling, within 50 feet of the water, with the Hudson River behind you.
  • Acting like monkeys
  • Posing with a person who is 6'5" or taller (can't be anyone from House Party)
  • Posing with a person (adult) who is 4'11" or shorter (can't be anyone from House Party)
  • Arm wrestling a bartender (pick one person and the others can stand behind him/her to cheer them on)
  • Making fish faces with a fish in the picture (it can be real, fake, alive, or dinner)
  • Holding a finger above your lips to form a mustache while posing with a stranger who has a mustache
  • Entire team sitting with an unknown family at a restaurant
  • Giving thumbs ups with someone who is at least 85 years old (while holding their ID)
  • Each standing next to each other on consecutive steps down a staircase, Brady Bunch style
  • Everyone's shoes on the wrong feet
  • Making a human bridge with one person standing or kneeling under it
  • Reading menus (must be a different restaurant than the one where you took a picture with the waiter/waitress)
  • A teammate walking the dog of someone you all don't know
  • Sprinkles (or jimmies if that's what you call them!)

Video of the team doing the following (minimum 10 seconds per video):

  • The team singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" with A little kid
  • Go to a toy store and someone on your team yells "OH MY GOSH IT'S A BARBIE!!" really loud
  • Acting like robots
  • Acting out a dramatic earthquake scene
  • Pantomiming
  • "Searching" frantically on the ground for a contact lens
  • A teammate asking a stranger if they can marry them (extra points if the stranger says "Yes")
  • Video of a stranger telling a funny joke
  • The whole team singing a song while in a restaurant (extra points for each singing stranger)

What fun tips do you have for photo scavenger hunts?

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