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Throwback Thursday: Theme park adventures

Ah, theme parks. They quicken the pulse and sometimes remove stomach contents, but they're indisputably exciting and a reminder of youth. Whether a smaller, local park or one you drive hours to and then spend hours going on the same ride over and over, theme parks just make summer feel like, well summer. Here are some tips I offered last year on heading to a theme park. From keeping it healthy (relatively) to what to do when waiting on endless lines, use my experience to make yours even better and stress free!

And if you're sometimes tempted by carnival games (and with a child begging and pleading, you likely will give in), I urge you to reconsider or at least come armed with the best way to outwit. Check out this post on how not to lose your shirt when playing games at the theme park or carnival.

Do you love theme parks? What are some of your favorite tips?

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