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Throwback Thursday: Save time in a cinch

As summer sadly feels like it's coming to an end, optimize your days to enjoy more sunshine by checking out these helpful time savers from last year in addition to some new tips below.

Save time when it comes to:

1. Looking for things:
Can't find your keys again? Or maybe your dog escaped the fence for the umpteenth time? If you have an iPhone, you can track down practically anything with the new TileTM, to "the world's largest lost and found." This tile-sized device is available for pre-order and hopefully will become available for other smart phones as well.

2. Cooking:
Organize your spices on a tiered rack, such as one of these, so you can see everything and stop wasting time pulling out all of your spices each time. Consider grouping each row together (i.e. baking spices in the top tier, Italian spices in the middle, and shorter spices in the front).

3. Flights:
While there are several flight search engines out there, Google offers a simple, no-fuss tool that lets you compare tons of flights for the dates you need. With all the time you'll be saving, maybe you'll have time to squeeze in a mini end-of-summer vacation!

4. Accessorizing your jewelry:
Upgrade your jewelry organizer to keep your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces looking pretty and tangle-free. I especially love thisjewelry rack. For added accessibility, arrange your pieces by color and/or type of jewelry (i.e. chunky vs. more delicate, silver vs. gold, etc.).

What's your favorite way to save time?

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