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Happy Left-Handers Day (yep, it's a real day!)

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know we like to celebrate the off-centered holidays. Today is no different as we pay homage to all of our left handed friends for National Left-Handers Day! While only about 10% of the population is left-handed, there are some interesting facts and stats about this group. For example, it seems we tend to vote for left-handers more often, as a high percentage of recent US Presidents are left-handed. To name a few, President Obama uses his left hand to pass laws, as did both Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. James Garfield and Harry Truman are also in the Presidential left-handed ranks.

If they're not running for office, you may spot a few lefties running down the court, as many prized athletes are left-handed as well. Examples include golfer Phil Mickelson, tennis star Rafael Nadal, basketballer Lamar Odom and boxing champ Oscar de la Hoya.

Lamar Odom

It's true - these left-handers are everywhere! Some other famous examples include actresses Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie, director James Cameron, singer Paul McCartney, artist Leonardo da Vinci, Bill Gates and even Bart Simpson.


We even have a few lefties among the House Party office, including our CEO, Chris Maher!

So you're a righty but want to celebrate?

Make a left-handers zone (a room in the house or a certain conference room in the office) where only the left hand can be used, or try to write with your left hand. Or, get active and play a sport (like volleyball or tennis, or just ping pong if you want to start small) with only your left hand. Unfortunately, there's no National Right-Handers Day, so you lefties out there won't have to partake in the same antics.

So even though before reading this you probably didn't know such a day existed, make an excuse to try something new, or at least wish a leftie well today!

Are you left-handed? Tell us how it makes you special and how you plan to celebrate!

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