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Countdown to summer: outdoor exercises for anyone

I'm not going to stress you out with words like bathing suit season, tank tops, shorts and sundresses. Summer should be a celebration of the outdoors and that includes taking your workout from the gym or the house to the streets, beaches and park. I've got some great ways to stay active and enjoy the sunshine without equipment or memberships. And to really make this more fun, check out Liz's summer Playlists for some tunes to spice up any outdoor exercises. Local playground: Never underestimate monkey bars, swings and benches. You can use your own body weight and do a combo of cardio and strength training. Check this routine out from Women's Health or this one from Angeles Burke.

Not near a playground? Working out on the sand is one of the hardest things you can do, and sculpts and burns more effectively. Plus, you're at the beach! Try one of these seven workouts to get beach-body ready and bask in the sun and surf.

Are you more into hiking or trails? Try this workout to kick up your trail pace and enjoy the beauty a scenic path has to offer.

Can't get further than your own driveway or backyard? Try this crazy routine that gives you NO excuse. All you need is yourself and some pavement (chalk or tape optional).

Of course there are plenty of other fun outdoor workouts you can do alone or with friends: pick up basketball, tennis, running/walking, swimming, horseback riding, golf (if you walk the course and carry your own bags), biking, yoga, mountain climbing, badminton, handball, kayaking, etc.

What's your favorite outdoor exercise?

Image courtesy of CurvyCorp

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