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Happy Earth Day!

Each year, Earth Day, April 22, marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Today is a day to appreciate the beautiful Earth you live on and also reflect on how you can help keep it a beautiful place for generations to come. Green is our favorite color here at House Party, so we certainly want to do all we can to go green and keep this world a beautiful place to party in for years to come. Here are a few examples of little things our staff does every day to help:

I'm using less plastic bags and recently started using products from snackTAXI, high-quality, reusable bags that come in fun colors and patterns! A fun AND fashionable way to reduce waste.

- Renee S.

I changed all the light bulbs in my house to the energy-saving bulbs. A small task to use less energy every single day.

- Leonora S.

*Did you know that ENERGY STAR light bulbs use about 75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb and last at least 6 times longer? AND changing just one bulb can save you $40 or more over the lifetime of the bulb.

My family has a SodaStreamR machine to help reduce the use of plastic bottles. And, any bottles that we do end up using certainly end up in the recycling.

- Monica M.

I use cloth bags for grocery shopping as often as I can, have reusable water bottles for the house (and work) and make sure to properly recycle old electronic materials (e-waste).

- Liz T.

*Did you know that each year, the United States produces up to 50 million tons of e-waste. Of this, only 20-25% is recycled safely and responsibly. The other 75% ends up in landfills. Be sure to find out where and how you can dispose of your old computers, cell phones and more.

I've managed to switch most of my monthly billing and invoices to a digital format. It helps Mother Nature and who likes to come home to piles of bills anyway? Also, living in New York City, we use public transportation for everything, so that at least helps our carbon footprint a bit. And, of course, the requisite recycling is a must.

- Brian S.

*Be sure to check out the #EarthDay hashtag on Twitter for great tips from other folks and the @EarthDayNetwork Twitter handle, the organization that globally coordinates Earth Day!

I upcycle (save packaging to reuse for other things, like turning a pasta jar into a sprouting jar, turning an oatmeal container into a gift box, etc.). And I generally try to take the stairs instead of the elevator and I wash my laundry in cold water. And, most of all, I live a vegan lifestyle. (author note: she sometimes even brings in delicious vegan treats for the office to try!)

-Melody C.

* Need some upcycling inspiration? Check out this site to see all you can do or take a peek at Hipcycle's Pinterest page.

I drink filtered water out of my mason jars. My fiancee thinks I'm nuts, but it cuts down on waste from plastic bottles and disposable cups. And it's BPA free!

- Larry V.

Instead of using plastic utensils and paper plates or bowls, I have my own bowl and silverware at the office that I wash after each use. Keep those landfills empty!

- Danielle H.


What do you do to help the environment or how do you celebrate Earth Day?

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