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April is Autism Awareness month

Last year, we partnered with Autism Speaks in a blog series to help raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders for April - Autism Awareness Month. Through Autism Speaks' 'Light It Up Blue' campaign on April 2nd (Global Autism Awareness Day) buildings, monuments and points of interest the world over were illuminated in blue, the color designated for Autism Awareness Month. From the Great Pyramid in Giza to New York City's Empire State building to the front porches of thousands of homes across America, people have shown their commitment to shining a light on Autism by raising awareness. Autism's spectrum of disorders has global ramifications and the efforts to support those affected is equally broad, as was brought to light at this year's U.N. Autism Awareness Day panel discussions. This growing movement of awareness couldn't come at a more critical time either. Some staggering statistics have been revealed in recent years that show our battle with Autism simply can't wane. Here's some data to consider:

  • Autism is estimated to be prevalent in 1 in every 88 births
  • Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability, at a rate of 1,148%
  • Current associated costs are $60 billion/year, with expectations that will increase to $200-400 billion in the next decade

Statistics source

Not only did we learn a lot about Autism and spectrum disorders in this partnership with Autism Speaks, but we learned some things about YOU, our community and how much of an impact this disorder has had. We're constantly looking to learn more about you, your lives and what's important to you and those you love.

As we carry on with our lives over the remaining two weeks of April, we ask that you take a moment to learn and spread awareness in your community about Autism Spectrum Disorders. We've gathered a few resources below to help you learn and quickly, effectively help the cause. Help us help our global community!


1. Autism Speaks: Family Resources

2. Walk Now for Autism Speaks: the nation's largest grassroots autism walk program

3. The Autism Society

4. National Institute of Health: Autism Fact Sheet

5. Autism Speaks on Pinterest: spread the word by spreading the pins!

How has Autism affected your life or the lives of those you love?

Image courtesy of Brandi

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