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Easter: time for a candy-off

Spring is officially upon us and with that comes religious holidays such as Easter and Passover. Whether you observe either of these holidays formally or are simply a casual observer of the religious customs that accompany them each spring, there's one thing that I think we can all agree on: the candy associated with them is awesome! Given that we are "House Party," we're always looking for an excuse for a few sweets and, and, as you've come to recognize from posts about our office, we're frequent consumers of M&Ms (though many of our waistlines vehemently oppose this!) So, with this in mind, we thought there's no time like the present to do review of some of the most popular Easter candies and run them head-to-head in what we think might be the first-ever "Candy-Off!" Whether it's PeepsR, Cadbury Eggs, chocolate bunnies, Jelly BellyR jelly beans or malted milk eggs, the discussion around the best Easter candy can become quite a heated one - people really have their favorites!

Without further ado, we bring you one chocolate-covered, sugar-infused, head-to-head "Candy-Off!"

Danielle At the risk of suffering the wrath of Easter candy lovers everywhere, I must confess to hating, I mean really vehemently disliking, Peeps. I don't get them. They are unnatural in color, so sweet and sugary and just too chewy. I do get the cuteness appeal, but my candy needs chocolate - end of story.

My favorite Easter candy, which is more of a recent addition, is REESE'S Peanut Butter Eggs. Those things rule. They combine my two favorite things in one tiny package and just hit the spot. I realize they are basically egg-shaped peanut butter cups, but the smooth texture just makes them that much better, IMO.

My other go-to Easter candy, is of course, a chocolate bunny. Now, said bunny needs to be solid milk chocolate, none of this hollow nonsense. And fun fact: proper etiquette calls for eating the ears first. It's hard to argue with a good solid block of chocolate and what makes this one great is that it takes days to finish it. It's the candy that keeps on giving.

Liz I'm with Danielle - my candy needs chocolate. My favorite Easter candy is not the regular traditional Cadbury egg, but the Cadbury Mini Eggs instead. A delicious milk chocolate with a hard shell candy coating. I like to use them for a fun Easter desert - chocolate Rice Krispies TreatsR nests with a few of these eggs on top. Simple, single-serve treats that truly enhance the Easter dessert table! These eggs also fill a nice glass bowl as a perfectly festive center piece.


Now, I'm not about to buck the trend and make any anti-chocolate claims around this time of year - no sir. However, if I had to pick a favorite Easter candy, it would involve merely a thin chocolate that's wrapped cozily around a malted milk center and itself snugly wrapped within a hard candy shell. What the heck is this Russian nested doll of candies? The delicious (and oftentimes polarizing) malted milk ball, called "Robin's Eggs". Some love that porous, crunchy inner delight, while others...well, we'll just say they don't greet it with Easter cheer. Ever since I was a kid, this has been one of my faves. Whether you chomp right down on them or simply let them melt in your mouth, there's nothing quite like them.

Well, those are our opinions on the matter - what Easter candy do you think can challenge our picks?

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