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Meet my new puppy: Willow!

In November, my family grew by four paws. My husband and I adopted this beautiful puppy from an animal shelter.

She was 5 months old, a bit sick, but very excited to have a home. Chris grew up with both dogs and cats and myself with just cats. I've wanted a dog for a long time, but Chris kept telling me we weren't ready. Well, when we saw this little face on (a great place to search for animals that need homes), we both knew it was time. So, I grabbed a copy of Dog Training for Dummies, a shopping basket full of toys and treats, and we adopted our first dog! Believed to be a stray during her first few months of life, we named our pup Willow after a river in the area she was found. She's gotten comfortable over these last few months (maybe too comfortable)

and is such a loving dog. She is a total mixed breed, with a bit of Saint King Charles Cavalier, Brittany Spaniel, and possibly beagle and pit bull in the mix.

Training is still a work in progress, and it's hard! Here are a few sites that I've turned to for help on training and raising a happy, healthy dog: basic commands and this puppy blog on

One of the many things Willow likes to do besides fetching snowballs, laying on the footrest of the couch, peeking out the front window

and meeting new friends, is dressing up for special occasions (just like her mom!). has some really nice outfits that I knew she'd look fabulous in. They have outfits for special occasions (holidays, birthdays, etc), fancy coats and even a bridal selection if you're considering including your pup in upcoming nuptials. And you're in luck! This week we're offering 50% off the Spoiled Pup Boutique site on House Specials! Grab a $50 voucher for just $25 and get your pup stylin' in no time. Save now!

What are some of your favorite pet sites?


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