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Happy Boxing Day!

Growing up in Canada, "Black Friday" meant nothing to me (well, our Thanksgiving is also in October, so that may have something to do with it...). That doesn't mean I didn't have the ridiculous experience of Black Friday-esque sales, early mornings and crowds at the mall, though. For us Canadians, this scary-but-fun morning happens on December 26th: Boxing Day. Boxing Day was traditionally celebrated by the wealthy and business owners giving Christmas gifts to their servants or tradesmen. While the origins of Boxing Day are a little unclear, the day has since been interpreted as a day for giving back to your community. In fact, South Africa named the holiday, Day of Goodwill.

Times have changed and the servant-less middle class in Canada, England and many other countries have not only made it a day for volunteering in some communities, but also a day for shopping. Boxing Day sales rival Black Friday sales and it's the perfect time to return that weird sweater your grandma bought you and exchange it for that designer bag you've had your eye on - now at a reduced price. It's also a perfect day for eating those Christmas leftovers, enjoying your gifts, and in many parts of the world, relaxing on your second statutory holiday in a row.

So, while there probably aren't any true "Boxing Day" sales you can hit in the U.S., join my Canadian self in celebrating Boxing Day by having a fun, relaxing day lounging in your pajamas! Happy Boxing Day!

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It's the mooost wonderful time of the year!

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