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October is Fair Trade Month!

As you know, loyal blog readers, October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There's a ton to take in! There's actually one more cause that we need to share with you - Fair Trade Month. Fair Trade is a way of doing business that's socially, economically and morally fair to everyone across all aspects of a business. It's a growing global social movement to improve the day-to-day lives of workers and farmers who grow and build our products. It's a call for consumers to purchase as responsibly as they can, understanding where products like the coffee we drink every morning come from and the hard work that goes into delivering it around the world to our mugs. Fair Trade USA actually has an awesome and simple infographic that tells the Fair Trade story - check it out! They also have great informational videos.

So, how do we celebrate? There are a few very easy ways to get in on the Fair Trade movement.

Learn and share

Learn more about what makes a product Fair Trade certified. Did you know that in order for a product to be certified, it also has to be organic? Which is good both for our environment and our health? If you're buying organic anyway, take a moment to...

Look for the Fair Trade label when grocery shopping

This is what the label looks like:

Common Fair Trade products you should be able to find in your grocery store include:

  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate - oh yes, and it's probably the best you'll ever eat.
  • Produce, like bananas

Yes, sometimes, this costs a little more. But, for example, you can find Fair Trade certified Green Mountain coffee (in K-Cup form, too!) for very competitive prices. Most importantly, remember why you're spending a little more. It's to make sure the people who grew or produced the product made a fair cut of the profit.

Give the gift of Fair Trade

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, think about giving Fair Trade gifts. Even if you're not interested in folk art or jewelry, consider buying delicious chocolates and coffees - those consumable gifts that are always appreciated. Check out...

Have kids in college or high school? Get them involved.

I became passionate about the Fair Trade movement during my time at Manhattan College. I'm proud to say that my work with my like-minded peers and the amazing guidance of the school's staff lead to Manhattan College actually becoming a Fair Trade Certified College (only the fifth in the nation!). While the road to certification can be long, Fair Trade is a great cause for someone to get involved with. As a student involved with the Fair Trade movement, you...

  • Meet great people
  • Stay busy and productive
  • Participate in those resume-building extracurricular activities
  • Find new opportunities for travel with service trips and conferences
  • Learn how to organize events and work as a team

...all while truly making a difference in communities around the world.

Or, you can get your child's organization or team to opt to buy Fair Trade the next time they order custom cotton T-shirts for events.

Here's Fair Trade USA's list of ways to celebrate Fair Trade month.

Do you purchase Fair Trade? Have any Fair Trade gift ideas?

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