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Summer bucket list!

The end of the summer is drawing near, but fear not - if you haven't lived it to the fullest, there's still time to do take advantage with our summer bucket list. 1. Support a local team Can't get tickets to the Major Leagues? No worries. If your local little league has a game, it's still going to be fun to watch. Or perhaps your Major League team has a farm team or minor league team you could see instead. Maybe your local community center has some teams of their own you'd like to join, be it Frisbee, ping-pong, even bowling. It doesn't hurt to try!

2. Try 10 different ice cream flavors I've gotten into a Neapolitan rut this summer - Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. If you're like me, make it a point to branch out and try new flavors. Pick out something different each time the ice cream truck passes through your neighborhood. Or, during your next trip to the supermarket, go to the ice cream section, close your eyes, and randomly point to a flavor (make sure you don't accidentally poke someone!). You might be pleasantly surprised by the variety of good flavors there are to choose from.

3. Movie Marathon Have a free day, but it's too blisteringly hot to go anywhere? No worries. Stay indoors, crank up the air conditioner, and pick out some movies you love but haven't watched in awhile. Want to see something different? How about renting a movie from our summer movies list?

4. Go to the beach, lake or pond Any body of water will do. Watching water can be very therapeutic, and if you've had a stressful summer, this is a must-do activity. Bring a beach chair, a good book, a cold beverage and turn off your cell phone - one hour of R and R is well worth the disconnect.

5. Play manhunt Remember how thrilling it was to play manhunt as a kid? Get a group of friends and/or family members together and make 2 teams. Want even more suspense? Play it at night using flashlights.

6. Catch fireflies The harmless glowing insects are still flying! Get a jar, then nail or drill some small holes into the lid. Use the open jar to catch some fireflies. Close the lid, and you have a non-electrical nightlight. Don't want to bother with bugs? You can buy a firefly lamp, so you can keep 'em glowing even in the dead of winter.

7. Go to a theme or amusement park You don't have to go to Six Flags. The smaller amusement parks tend to be less expensive and just as fun - and they have character. Even if you have no desire to go on the rides, there are always games to play, stuffed animals to win and cotton candy to eat. The atmosphere is always giddy and fun, so don't be afraid to be a kid-at-heart!

8. Make a dried floral arrangement Love the flowers you grew in your garden? Did you receive a magnificent bouquet? The sad part is that flowers do eventually wilt...unless you dry them! Dried flowers look classy in a small vase and make a house look more "homey."

9. Play board and card games during a thunderstorm This activity is, of course, conditional on the weather. However, there's nothing more fun than playing Clue when there's thunder rumbling outside. Other good picks are Apples to Apples, Pictionary and Taboo. What's great about board games is that if the power goes out, you can still play them!

10. Make a scrapbook There's still time for more photo opps. If not, look through photos from years ago and decide which ones you'd like to showcase in your scrapbook. You can even have different themes: vacations, baby's first year, holidays - the possibilities are endless. Michael provided us with some inspiration for holiday photos earlier this year, so be sure to check those out. Also, feel free to look on Pinterest for some inspiration. This is one of my favorite scrapbooking pinboards .

Got any summer bucket list items of your own? Share them here.

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