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16 time savers

We all wish we had more time. Well, here are 16 simple time savers so you can spend more time on planning things you want to be doing, like House Parties! Fashion in a flash

1. Fold shirts and "file" them into your drawer sideways instead of stacking them for a speedy selection.

2. Color-code your closet to find clothes faster and coordinate outfits effortlessly.

3. Hide seasonal clothes away so you're not digging through clothes you won't be wearing for a while.

4. Smooth wrinkles fast with a fabric steamer.

5. Check the 7-day weather forecast and plan your week of outfits, including accessories, in one night. Hang the outfits up on an over-the-door hanger for a week of decision-free fashion mornings. Do this for your children as well. Two-words: time saver!

Accessible accessories

1. Hang necklaces from stacked hangers using clothes pins. Get creative and decorate the clothes pins with markers or washi-tape. Clip the jewelry onto the hangers of your planned outfits in step 5 above.

2. Dangle earrings from a clean, used or new window screen for quick and visually appealing access. Paint the frame for added flare!

3. Organize makeup brushes in a clear glass container with marbles. They'll be quick to grab and stay cleaner this way.

Food, fast

1. Buy snacks in bulk, then measure out and pack individual servings into baggies to put back into the container for perfect pre-packed portions on-the-go.

2. Chop veggies right when you get back from the grocery store to be easily tossed into lunches or the frying pan for a great stir-fry.

3. Keep color-coded, insulated reusable lunch totes in a place where your kids can easily reach them and put them back there when they get home. This gives you more time to focus packing the bags for the next day's lunch instead of hunting them down.

4 Frontload your cooking to one day a week, such as Sunday. Freeze the meals to last the week to alleviate dinner "crunches" on those hectic weeknights.

5. Download handy, free cell phone apps, like Grocery IQ or Shopping List, which help organize your lists on the go.

Swift shopping

1. Fill your online cart in spurts, at sites like, where your cart will save your selections until you're ready to purchase at a later date.

2. Order household products from a home delivery service such as and groceries from an online grocery service, like (greater NYC area) or delivery services offered by your local retailers.

3. "Window shop" online - create a "gift ideas" board on Pinterest. Then, when birthdays and holidays roll around, you won't have to spend time thinking about what to buy, just refer back to the board. Tip: keep your eyes open for sales on these items throughout the year.

What time saver methods do you employ? Share them so we can all squeeze more "free" minutes from the day!

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