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Good deeds, good causes and sisterhood

Giving back and donating time to worthy causes has always been important to me. As I get older, and I imagine this is true for many, it becomes harder and harder to find the time and resources to keep this routine going. But luckily I'm surrounded by wonderful friends and co-workers that remind me not only how fortunate I am, but how important it is to help those less fortunate. Here at House Party you'll remember our month long campaign with Autism Awareness and our recent House Party with Because I am a Girl. Well, we plan to keep this up and later this year we'll be partnering with other organizations - so keep an eye out for what we've got in store. One of the causes that I support passionately is cancer research. Cancer is unfortunately a part of everyone's life in one way or another, and I'm no exception. Sadly, it's taken more people that I can name, including my grandparents, my sorority sister Stephanie when she was only 24, and my friend Jess' Mom. Jess has an incredibly inspirational story that I particularly wanted to share. Jess's family has battled with breast cancer in more ways than a family should have to and she's responded with strength, grace and love. In 2008 Jess lost her mom after her third battle with breast cancer. The same year, her sister, Melissa, fought the disease and was told she wouldn't be able to have children. As a newlywed, Melissa was heartbroken, and Jess responded with the ultimate gift. Time Magazine wrote a wonderful story about Jess and her family and how two sisters came together during the most difficult time of their lives.

Jess has decided to captain a team to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk, covering 60 miles in Philadelphia. Jess and six teammates (two of which are also sorority sisters of mine, Amy and Lauren) look to raise $10,000 that will go directly to breast cancer research in hopes that we can finally find a cure for this disease. I think Jess and her team are wonderful examples of how to take absolute tragedy and turn it into hope - even mixing in a little fun with the variety of events they're planning in order to fundraise.

Wishing team "Saving 2nd Base One Ta-Ta at a Time" the best of luck in their fundraising goals!

We're all surrounded by inspirational people like this - share your charitable passion here or tell us about someone you admire for donating their time to a good cause.

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