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School's out for summer!!!!

I remember enjoying this time of year. The spring being so peaceful , filled with strolls after dinner, sitting on the balcony after a long day at work and enjoying a nice glass of wine, or just relaxing and taking in the fresh springtime air. That peaceful time was prior to my children entering the tween years. Now I feel like I'm on a high speed merry-go-round. Rather than taking a long stroll after dinner, I'm running to lacrosse games. The nice glass of wine has been replaced with soccer tournaments, and now the only time I get to take in the fresh springtime air is getting in and out of the car while I pick up my daughter from her softball practice or to take her to her dance class. The craziness of all these extracurricular activities is magnified by the end of school year rush. There are the band concerts, choral concerts, art shows, class parties, math day, poetry day, moving up day and end of year breakfasts. Sometimes when I look at my calendar I get dizzy. I often think I'm way too tired to attend one more activity. Then as I watch my daughter running down the lacrosse field or soccer field, or practicing her dance, I realize I wouldn't change this craziness one bit. The numerous concerts and poetry readings I've attended are memories I'll cherish forever.

I now enjoy springtime in a different way. Instead of thinking of spring as a peaceful relaxing time of year, I think of it as a time to make memories that'll last a lifetime.

I do want to point out that while one of my daughters was supposed to contribute to this post, because of her busy end-of-the-year schedule she wasn't able to, of course.

How do you handle this end of school season?

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