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Words to our Mothers

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked the entire House Party staff to send us something nice about their mother or being a mother. It could be a poem, a memory, a shout-out, anything. Here's what they had to say... I didn't realize how hard being a parent was until I became one. So, every time I talk to my Mom I tell [her] how that she did a great job, with me and my brother...because it can't have been easy! - Andy

I was always just a little bit afraid of my mother. I think that's what made me behave well (most of the time) and excel. Now I'm a Mom,and I realize that this holds true. A little fear, mixed with a lot of love, goes a long way. - Danielle

As I prepare for my very first Mother's Day being a new Mom, I would like to give a special tribute to MY Mom. My mother is a loving wife of 36 years, a hard-working mom of 4 children and in my eyes EXTRAORDINARY. I admire her so much! She is kind, patient, creative, enthusiastic and always available for her family (including her new grandson). I love you, Mom and wish you a FABULOUS Mother's Day! XOXO - Melissa

Marvelous mother & wife who doesn't Only think of herself, but puts others' needs first. She is always Thoughtful Heartfelt, and has an Effervescent approach to life. That is why she is Revered and loved by all her friends and family. Happy Mother's Day! - Barbara

One happy memory with my Mom was going to see my first Broadway shows (Annie and then A Chorus Line). My mom said her favorite part was watching my expression and how my eyes lit up as I watched the show next to her. Recently my mom and I took her grandson, my son, to his first Broadway show (Mary Poppins) and I got to see first-hand what she meant as we both watched his expressions to the show - I also enjoyed watching my Mom sing the songs out loud (although not sure if the people in the audience near us felt the same!). Although, who can resist singing "Oh, it's a jolly holiday with Mary..." - Renee

My favorite mother's day memories are actually before I was a mom and included my mom and her mother, my dear Grandma Fran. Every Mother's Day we would buy my mom and grandma corsages to wear and I always remember it being a warm, sunny day that we spent together. Not necessarily doing anything special, usually brunch and time with family. Now as a mom, I cherish having two beautiful little girls who get so excited to treat their mommy to a special day. - Lisa

A fave quote of mine is "Motherhood was everything I always wanted but never knew I did." - author unknown, Betsy

I've always had a great relationship with my mom, but I definitely grew more appreciative of it once I became a mother. Every evening when I'm packing kids lunches (mom always taught me to be prepared), I fondly remember the brown bags that I brought to school and the occasional note or delectable dessert that put a smile on my face! Thanks, Mom. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there that make a difference doing the little things. - Carol

My mother was always there for me no matter what. We had a special bond and I miss her. Mother's Day is a special time to remember my Mom. - Jane

My mom was always there whenever I needed her - whether it was dutifully picking me up as teenager late night from the bus stop to babysitting years later for her grandsons. A strong, kind and creative lady, she seemed a little cooler than the rest of the moms and I felt lucky! - Mary

I love my mom. No matter how much we argue or what our differences are, I know in the end, she'll always be there for me. Perfect unconditional love. - Monica

For much of my growing up I lived with my father, but after I graduated from college, I moved with my mom to New Mexico. I remember she had bought cowboy hats and bandanas for us to wear as we headed west. We were off on a new adventure together. I'll never be able describe the truly unconditional love and friendship that my mom has given to me in my life. - Stephanie

Motherhood is...joyful, vulnerable, unpredictable, hard, messy, silly, scary, amazing, gratifying, constant. Motherhood never ends. Thanks Mom. And thanks kids for reminding me what matters most each and every day. You. - Kerry

Nothing can compare to being a mom. I love every minute that I get to spend with my kids and their hugs, kisses and "I love you's" are absolute treasures. - Liz

My mom has always been the master of making things for me and my siblings - from dresses all the way up to a tree house! When I was little, she was the leader of our Girl Scouts troop and I have fond memories of her teaching us how to make trinkets like woven key chains and beaded shoelace barrettes. She also always goes all-out when it comes to wrapping our Christmas presents to look so pretty. She has taught me the value of making things yourself and having fun through creativity - I'm really grateful to her for that! - Melody

My mom is the most gracious, easy-going, giving person I know. She set a stellar example of how to live your life every day, how to treat others and how to enjoy life by singing every day. I try to emulate what she taught me and hope to pass that on to my children as they grow. - Robin

One of the best Mother's Day gifts I ever got was from my 11 year-old son. With a busy household of 3 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a bunny....he knew just what to do. He drew me a card with his special gift: "a day with no jobs." He then proceeded to tell me what he would do for me on Mother's Day: "Bryce will clean the kitchen, fold the laundry, make lunch, bring mom Diet Coke, feed the animals, etc." And he did! That memory always makes me smile. - Leslee

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Hope you have a great day, you deserve it! - Josh

I wouldn't be the woman I am today if it wasn't for you. Happy Mother's Day! Love always...- Leonora

Mom is always and has always been there to champion my wins, listen to my rants and provide advice at crossroads. The most patient and caring person out there. - Brian

I love and admire my Mum because as she is a Canadian who raised her family all over the world. She gifted me with the ability to appreciate being unique and the understanding that being different was better than blending in. Happy Mum's Day. - Becka

It took me a while to realize it, but I totally have a "cool mom." Even after I was the biggest jerk to her in high school, we now plan weekends full of shopping, relaxing and laughing over margaritas (yes, we made time for a little Cinco de Mayo party together). Thanks, Mom, for being the most patient and loving person I know! I couldn't survive my "I'm not crazy, right?" moments without you. - Sarah

My mom's the best. She lets me out of my cage...literally. - Rufus, the Chinchilla (to his "Mom" Sarah)

My mother, a widow, is the strongest, most relentless woman I know. Maybe it's because she's a tough Italian from the Bronx, or perhaps it's because she's both mother and father to me and my sister, 24/7. Probably a combination of the two. - Candice

I'm grateful to my mom for always sacrificing for the good of me and the others in my family. There's really no way to repay that debt nor a gift that could possibly express my gratitude - so I'm glad there's at least a day every year where I can honor her for that! Her sacrifices are a big reason why I know what I know, the things that I've done, and a primary reason behind my proudest accomplishments. Thanks Mom - always much love, from Pig. (But no love to my siblings for nicknaming me "Pig") - Stephen

My mom has always been there for me. In good times and bad! You're the best Mom and I love you! - Greg

My mom has passed close to 10 years now but springtime is when her memory is the strongest for me. Her birthday being in April and my birthday along with Mother's Day in May, are chock full of warm and comforting thoughts this most glorious time of year. So, Happy Mother's Day AND Happy Birthday, Mom - your warmth shines through for me now and every day. - Christine

Do you have a wonderful Mother's Day memory or shout out? Share it with us.

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