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Get packing: tips on how to have a fairly painless move - Part 2

Last week Sarah shared her wisdom on how to have a successful move. Now it's Brian's turn... Brian's tips:

1. The buddy system This one may seem simple, but is often overlooked if you're moving yourself: position people in key places. For example, if there are three people, be sure that there are two of you moving the furniture and boxes, while one "runner" mans any doors, tight fits or the apartment for you. Then be sure to rotate every 15 minutes or so. This way, you can efficiently keep the process moving forward while people focus on their specific tasks and minimize the putting-down and picking-up of boxes needlessly. Furthermore, it provides some "light at the end of the tunnel" for those doing the heavy lifting - you're never more than a rotation or two away from a rest. Only have one person helping out? Better yet, have five helping out? That's fine! Just keep similar proportions of helpers to laborers. (Take it from someone who has had to do an entire move by himself...this is huge.)

2. Don't forget the basics! The last thing you're going to want to do after moving (especially if you're doing it yourself) is to go on a Target or Walmart run as the remaining hours of the day wane. Let's be honest, all you're going to want to do is sit, hydrate and very possibly medicate sore backs, muscles and heads. So, ahead of time, be sure that you pack a very accessible bag with the following: toilet paper, a set of towels, some soap/shower gel, shampoo and your shower curtain. This way, should all else fail and you simply crash at the end of the day, you'll have all you need to recoup without having to make yet another run to the store.

3. Christen the new digs This may be the proverbial college student trapped within me, but some things need to be marked with tradition - a new home or simply new set of walls is among the best reasons for that. And by tradition, here, I mean the first meal in the new home should be marked by the irreplaceable combination of pizza and beer, or soda for a non-alcoholic twist. Now that's doesn't mean there aren't some great take-out variations on this theme (Chinese and Indian cuisine, for example), but the last thing you want to do is prepare a meal - and, heck, where are the pans anyway? Treat yourself, pick up the phone and enjoy. You'll endear yourself to a new local proprietor and take-out never tasted so good (It's true. I think they've done research on this sort of thing...)

Stay tuned for our final installment from Danielle next week! In the meantime, any moving tips and tricks to share?

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