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One shining moment

The three magical weekends of March basketball have now come and gone and we have a champion; the Kentucky Wildcats. Since we've now seen Coach Calapari hoist the trophy, we can also announce the winner of the House Party Picks Challenge's Holly from Bronx, NY. Congratulations Holly! What is your secret? Somehow, Holly aced all of her Final Four selections and picked the correct championship game and winner. In fact, Holly finished in the 100th percentile for all the brackets received on - that's over 2 million brackets, folks! Congratulations to both Holly and the Kentucky Wildcats for their fantastic accomplishments! Monday's championship game really was a coronation for what had been brewing the entire season. Coming into the game, I really didn't think Kansas stood a chance. The Jayhawks did manage to put up a good fight, but the athleticism of Kentucky was just too much. That Kentucky team is one of the most athletic college teams of all-time - can you think of another?

Looking back, there've been mixed reviews of the tournament and how things played out this year. Some people claim it was a little less exciting because there were no magical buzzer beaters. On the other hand, we did have a historic first weekend when two #15 seeds won against #2 seeds Duke and Missouri on the same day! Not only had that never happened before, but don't tell me it doesn't mean something to the folks at Norfolk State University. Have you seen the video of their campus watching the final seconds against Missouri? Oh and that other huge upset, some kids at Lehigh wrote a rap about their big win over Duke!

All in all, the best team did win it all. The lasting image of this year's tournament will be Anthony Davis blocking shots all over the gym and throwing down monster slams. Can anyone say #1 NBA Draft pick? Conversely, the lasting memory for many of us out there will probably be #awkwardmoment when we saw one our Final Four teams lose in round 1 or round 2. I don't think I will ever root for Florida State again after what they did to me. Oh well, there's always next year, right?

We hope you guys had fun following the action and congratulations again to Holly! Your skills will continue to amaze more for years to come! 100th percentile - wow! We'll be in touch with all of the winners soon.

How did your bracket turn out?

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