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Sunny-side equinox

Today, March 20, is the first day of spring. It's also the vernal equinox. "The word equinox is derived from the Latin words meaning "equal night." The spring and fall equinoxes are the only dates with equal daylight and dark as the Sun crosses the celestial equator." Now, for those of you who slept through elementary science (who can blame you?), you likely missed the fun activity where your teacher showed you that on this day you can stand an egg on its base. Yes, the egg becomes a weeble. I always thought this had something to do with the earth's gravitational pull, but no one really knows why you can make this happen. But if you have kids, it's certainly a fun thing to try.

Have you ever stood an egg on its end during the vernal equinox? Tell us if you got it to work. (And snap a picture while you're at it!)


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