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House Party Picks Challenge...Are you up to it?

Game time, House Partiers! Whether you got the heads up from Mark's post or you're coming from Facebook, Twitter, or email, we've all gathered here for one reason...March Madness!

While during the regular season many of the most ardent fans keep up with either their alma mater or favorite team, now's the time when the entire country descends on NCAA basketball as if it's their own. Whether you're a regular season fan armed with the most granular statistics, or someone simply selecting teams based on jersey color -there's no judgment in the art and science behind creating your very own bracket.

So, without further ado, we invite you to join us in our second annual House Party Picks Challenge! We've got all the details for you to join in, make your picks and possibly win some great House Party gear or maybe even a VIP Pass! Our CEO Chris will be participating, too...a long, long time ago he was a basketball coach! Think you can beat him? There may be a prize for you if you can!

You can join the House Party Picks Challenge at anytime. Just be sure to enter and sign up before the games actually begin on March 15th!

Before we get into the rules, here are a few things to remember: 1. You must be a House Party member to win. 2. In order for us to contact you if you win, you must follow the directions in naming your bracket. You must name your bracket after your House Party username. Please see step 4 of "How to participate" below. 3. You must, must, must HAVE FUN!

How to participate: 1. First, be sure that you have a House Party username. You'll need it! If you don't have a House Party username, please register with us - only registered House Party members are eligible to win prizes. 2. Visit the House Party Picks Challenge bracket on 3. Sign in to or register on 4. To officially join the House Party Picks Challenge, you must name your bracket after your House Party username. Please note: you can name your bracket differently than your ESPN username, so you shouldn't run into any duplicate username situations. This is important - if you win, we want to be able to contact you! 5. Create your bracket before the games start on March 15th. 6. Check out Facebook and Twitter for updates!

How can I win? And WHAT can I win?! You can win by filling out your bracket and choosing which team you think will come out on top in each game. The top five entrants who score the highest number of points (as long as they were created by registered House Party members who named their bracket correctly) will win! Additionally, one lucky participant with a higher score than the House Party CEO's will also win House Party goodies.

1st place:1 FREE VIP Party Pass* to host the party of your choosing 2nd place - 5th place (and ties): House Party goodies One lucky person who beats the CEO of House Party: House Party goodies

*In addition to the rules here, there are also certain restrictions for using your VIP pass which are all outlined for you if you win.

Important links: The House Party Picks Challenge bracket pool. This is where you'll submit your bracket entry.

The FAQ for this contest. All of your questions should be answered here!

The official rules. Take some time to review them to make sure that you hit all of the eligibility requirements and understand the timing. Don't worry, we've outlined them here in the post and the FAQ, too.

So, are you up for the challenge?

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