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Don't miss the "Madness"

No, none of us here went to Michigan State, but they did do a House Party, so we used what was available for this photo.


We arrive at March every year with a little bit of reluctance. It's the last month of winter. There are no holidays that get you a day off from work (unless you're Irish). And unless you live in the Northeast and were spared this year, you normally feel like you're shoveling snow way too often. Well, buck up! This year's going to be different, because this year you're going to enter the House Party March Madness Bracket Pool (all the details are here in a follow-up blog post)!

"No way, that's impossible; I don't know anything about college basketball," you say.

Well, let me tell you, I know A LOT about basketball and I haven't exactly been collecting bracket championship titles either. In other words, anyone can do this. Whether you've filled out a bracket before or not, March Madness is a time to celebrate the sport of college basketball and show your school spirit. If you're lucky enough to be an alumnus from a school in the 'Big Dance,' then you should celebrate this time as once in a lifetime.

Of course, if you went to a national powerhouse school, such as UNC, Kansas, Duke or Kentucky, then going to the 'Big Dance' and winning isn't anything new to you. On the other hand, I went to tiny Davidson College, in Davidson, NC, a school of roughly 1,700 students, which was smaller than the size of my high school, and that captivated the country in 2008 with their March Madness run. I was able to attend all four of our magical games, traveling to Raleigh, NC and Detroit, MI by car, which included wins over #7 Gonzaga, #2 Georgetown, #3 Wisconsin and a 2-point loss to eventual National Champion, Kansas. That season put Davidson on the national map and brought a community together and I'll carry those memories forever. If you can catch lightning in a bottle, then you can be a part of something really special. Just ask George Mason, Virginia Commonwealth University and Davidson.

Maybe your school won't be in the tournament this year. Maybe you don't have a school. But in March, you can affiliate yourself with whomever you want. Carry some 'team spirit' for three weeks and enjoy the ride.

I was the kid in high school who organized a bracket pool for all of my friends and classmates. Since I started to work at House Party, I've carried on the tradition here.

We've organized another Bracket Challenge this year with prizes including goodies, T-shirts and more. Last year we had over 3,300 people participate. We want to double that this year. So be on the lookout on Twitter, Facebook and email for announcements from us for this year's bracket challenge. And remember, you don't have to know a lot about basketball to play, you just have to want to be a part of something special. Are you in? Come back to the blog Sunday night if you want the scoop.

Has your school ever won a national title? Have they ever been to the Final Four? Tell us here.

[author] [author_image timthumb='on']#[/author_image] [author_info]Mark is a friend of House Party. Mark held a number of different roles during his four years with the company, most as the Community Support Director. This basically meant his job was to make sure all our hosts and guests had everything they need to throw an awesome party. Mark was born in Washington D.C., grew up in Burke, Virginia and currently lives with his fiance, Dani, and his rescue pup, Ferguson. He's an avid sports fan with his unbreakable bonds to the Washington Redskins, Capitals, Nationals and Davidson Wildcats. Mark's party tip: Two Words - Sunday, Funday! [/author_info] [/author]

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