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What to do with your holiday photos

We capture a lot of memories every holiday season. With these helpful tips, you can keep those memories around, and on display, all year long.

Put it in a jar There are plenty of unique ways to display your photos. My favorite is to place the photos in an old jar. This works really well with portrait photos (taller) and jars that are about 8" tall and 4" wide. Preferably antique liquid bottles, but you can make anything work.

Simply roll the photo and stuff it into the opening, image facing out. It may take a little finagling to unroll the photo once inside, so try using a chop stick or Q-tip to help unroll it smoothly. It's best to display these jar photos in sets of three.

Custom ornament If you want to keep your holiday photos for generations to come, get your photos made into a custom ornament. You can send your photo away to some services (Shutterfly is one of our faves) and have them made into great looking ornaments for your tree. You can also head to the Holiday aisle of your favorite store and pick up a kit to make your own ornament for your family photo.

Custom stamps Turn your photos into a customized stamp so you can share your holiday memories every time you send out a greeting card to a loved one. There are a lot of online services that allow you to upload a photo and they'll create ready-to-send stamps for you! is my favorite.

Snow globe Lose the traditional photo frame on your work desk and put images in a snow globe. It's a fun way to remember the holiday spirit and also a safe way to protect your photos.

These are just a few ideas that I've found valuable. What are some clever ways you display holiday photos?

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