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Snowed-in discovery

Some snow days you can't go out and build a snowman or have a snowball fight because, well, it's just too cold and snowy. Get ready, because we have the perfect guide to keep you entertained on those stuck inside days: discover a new hobby, rediscover old memories or simply have fun with the kids! 1. Hot chocolate No snowy winter day is complete without a big cup of hot cocoa. No matter if it's Swiss Miss or a fancy gourmet recipe, each is acceptable, so long as you don't forget the marshmallows!

2. Blanket fort When the weather outside is too frightful for the kids to venture out and dig snowforts, stay inside and build blanket forts instead. Just take the couch cushions and stand them up on their side to act as walls and cover with a blanket ceiling. Now you have the perfect spot to hide out and watch movies with the kids accompanied by your delicious hot chocolate!

3. Memory jar If you're anything like me, you have drawers full of collectibles from past vacations, trips and adventures. A cold winter day is the perfect time to bring all these memories out of hiding and display them! My favorite way to display vacation trinkets is to fill up a jar with them. You can put anything in a jar: shells from your Caribbean vacation, that 78c in Canadian coins still floating around the house or coasters from that amazing Irish pub. Then you can proudly showcase these gems as a conversation piece on your bookshelf, work desk or coffee table.

4. Dust off those paintbrushes What's more inspiring than fresh white powder blanketing your backyard? Channel your inner Bob Ross and paint those happy little icicles hanging from the mailbox. All you need is a set of paints, a brush and your imagination. A blank white canvas can be intimidating at first, but try not think about it and just let yourself start painting!

What are some of your favorite indoor activities? We'd love to hear all about them.

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