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How to get back your routine after the holidays

If you're like me, the holidays present a good month, or more, of consistent chaos. From shopping for gifts and food, to family visits, to the kids being off from school, your routine goes out the window. Now that January's in full swing, it's time to get back into your swing. 1) Set the alarm. With the kids off from school and maybe some days off work for you, chances are you slept in over the holidays and are now completely out of whack. Start by going to bed at your regular time and waking up early to get your body clock back on track. And be sure the kids go back to their bed time, otherwise you'll surely be visited by a case of the crankies.

2) Get moving. Yes, weight loss is the #1 New Year's resolution, but many of us do it for a few weeks and fade away. Set small goals to get back on track, not only to lose the extra holiday bloat (the champagne, the office cookies) but to feel good. Winter makes many of us feel, well...blah,' and for good reason. The lack of daylight is bad for our psyches. Moving and being active will raise your endorphin levels and help you feel, and look, good all winter long.

3) Toss the goodies. All that holiday food has not only taken a toll on your waistline, it's probably still sitting around the house. Toss it! Take pastries and other sweets to the office (bonus co-worker points!), freeze anything you might want to eat at a later date and throw away anything you really don't need. Better yet, if you can donate items to a local food bank or shelter, do that instead.

4) Set aside regular family time. The guests are gone, so now you can get back to your core gang. Make sure to have a family dinner a few nights a week and plan some outings for the weekends, just you, the kids and your significant other. Appreciate the lack of chaos and return to normal (we can pretend, can't we?).

Got any tips on how to get back on track after the holidays? We'd love to hear them.

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