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Lights, camera, action: Holiday movies and Oscar contenders

It's that time of year - holiday movie season! Before you head to the multiplex to see the latest blockbuster, here's my list of the best holiday movies so far this year and the ones that'll most likely be up for an Oscar come February 22.

Ones I've seen that will be Oscar contenders:

Birdman Michael Keaton is in it! And this performance and the fact that people thought he'd left acting for awhile (totally false - didn't you see Robocop?!) will earn him a nomination for sure.

Gone Girl This is David Fincher's adaptation of the runaway best-seller by Gillian Flynn (and a House Party Blog book club pick). You might be correct if you think the book is better than the movie, but the movie was still great in its own right. Fincher is becoming a great director at adapting hit novels (See Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson was nominated for an Oscar in 2013 for the script for Moonrise Kingdom. His new film is being called his best yet so I'm betting he'll be up there with the other nominees in either Best Direction or Best Screenplay again.

Interstellar Christopher Nolan (Dark Night trilogy) directed this epic space adventure and will certainly be up for special effects and all those technical awards. But the biggest surprise is that he tried not to overdue the CGI for this film, but rather built real models so that it could feel that much more authentic to the audience.


Ones I'm looking forward to seeing that could be contenders:

A Most Violent Year

The Imitation Game

Inherent Vice




Ones that I don't care much to see but will be in the running:





Bonus Round:

As a huge movie fan, I love watching holiday movies during this season. What better way to kick off the season than curling up and reliving some of our favorite moments in front of the telly? Here are a few of my all-time favorite movies to watch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I'd love to hear about your favorites also!)

Planes, Trains and Automobiles This movie is definitely one to watch around Thanksgiving, since Steve Martin meets a crude traveler (John Candy at his best) who seems to disrupt every point in his trying to get home for that turkey dinner.

Elf Will Farrell plays Buddy the Elf, who soon finds out he's not like the other elves in the North Pole. This movie has fun, heart and Christmas spirit all over it.

Miracle on 34th Street (the original) I prefer the original in black & white because that's what I grew up on. But they did a remake in the 90s and also came out with a color conversion. Fun fact: this movie actually premiered in May 1947 and it was a big hit!

It's a Wonderful Life I don't think any other movie showcases the human spirit quite like this. This film is a true classic and best watched around the holidays. It always reminds me just how grateful I should be for my life.

The Muppet Christmas Carol My favorite rendition of Charles Dickens's Christmas Carol, complete with singing puppets! Some may find Michael Caine's singing a bit hard to take though.

Die Hard Since now having spent many a Christmas with my in-laws, I have learned that they call watching Die Hard at Christmas a holiday tradition. I think it's weird, but it does take place around Christmas and Bruce Willis is pretty cool.

So, what are your holiday favorites and films that you're looking to see come the Oscar parties?

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