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5 twists on an Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

The holidays can be stressful, so tying a silly theme - like tacky holiday sweaters - into your holiday party will surely help lighten the mood and fill the room with laughter. It also serves as a good ice breaker. Try a few spins on the classic ugly sweater party this season - you can even combine a few of these ideas into one! In fact, most of the following ideas are family friendly as well.  

Crazy Tie Party

Any tie, no matter how outrageous, is perfect for this theme. Encourage guests (both male and female) to bring their own, and also set some out for people to choose from. Consider all types, from bow-ties to skinny ties, and more. It's especially entertaining if you include some pretty funky ones. So, it's the perfect occasion to dust off those ties circa 1980, or hunt for some quirky ones at a thrift store, Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Talk about "yuletied" greetings!

Wine & Wacky Wig Party

Wine is usually reserved for classy occasions, so why not mix it up and add a touch of silliness to your holiday party. How? Encourage everyone to show up wearing a wacky wig. It will be hard to keep a straight face while clinking glasses, as hilarity will surely ensue.

Bust out those old Halloween wigs, or you can even make your own out of items you might already have around the house, such as a yarn wig, George Washington wig, or a mop wig. You can swap wigs at the party too. Perhaps even set up a photo booth with additional props to add to the fun. Be sure to provide a few extras in case someone shows up wigless. Swap sparkling cider for wine to make this theme work for the under 21 crowd as well.

Wig out this holiday season

Fun Hat Party

Get creative - we're talkin' balloon hats and all. This is another way to let people get creative; the crazier, the better! From a beanie to a viking hat, or even a balloon hat, encourage guests to wear something other than a standard baseball hat on their head. To go along with the hat theme, serve Santa hat strawberries, a Snowman hat cake, hat shaped cookies, Magic Hat beer, etc. You could even knit hats and scarves to decorate your wine bottles! Take it up a notch and learn some classic magic hat tricks.

Hats ON for a fun party theme


Pajama Jam!

Let's face it, with holiday festivities come troves of delicious food and imbibing, and the last thing you probably want to do is squeeze into formal attire. With all of the stress that comes this time of year and resolutions soon after, ditch those stiff dresses and suits and put those Snuggies to use! Focus the theme around relaxation and getting cozy - think soft pillows, candles, comfort food and hand massages. It will be the most comfortable party yet! It will save time and hassle for everyone too, as your guests will be able to go home and go directly to bed!

Party comfortably in your pajamas


Holiday Movie Character Party

The holidays wouldn't be the same without classic holiday movies like A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and a long list of others. So why not ask everyone to dress as their favorite holiday movie character? Throw on a Santa hat, tie and sweater cardigan to transform into Clark Griswold, or rock a green elf suit and curly locks a la Buddy the Elf. Play a few of your favorite movies of the season, quiz your guests, give a prize to the winner and serve peppermint bark popcorn to top it off.

What's your favorite unique way to celebrate during the holidays?

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