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It's time for the Emmys

Television will pay tribute to their best on August 25th, a little earlier than normal. This could mean some melted makeup and pit stains on the Emmys' red carpet, or we can hope. Cause we like to keep it real. Although if the weather in LA is anything like it's been in NY, it's more likely the stars of the small screen will be wearing capes and coats. Not that I'm complaining about fall in August, mind you. But I digress. In honor of TV's big night, we've created a list of things we're likely to see (Breaking Bad sweep anyone?) and things we wish we'd see (like Seth Myers shaking things up):

1) Unabashed honesty


2) Stunning upsets (or just Ben Affleck, cause well, look at him)


3) Modesty (or is it disinterest)


4) This would be, wait for it, legen...dary


5) A win for anyone from House of Cards


6) Another win for Stephen Colbert (and his band of white male writers, sigh)


7) Succinct speeches


8) Actresses who could use a burger


9) ANYTHING with Orange is the New Black


10) Lots of this


What are you hoping to see, or not see, at the Emmys this year?

Favorite summer memories

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