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One Nation. One Team.

If you don't know what the title of this post refers to, then you haven't been watching the World Cup. And you've been missing the biggest sporting event in the world, next to the Olympics. But it's not too late. The United States has advanced out of the "group of death" to the round of 16. We play Belgium at 4pm EST today, Tuesday July 1. Unlike previous years where the World Cup was pretty much the world except the US, our country has truly rallied around this team and this tournament.


The reason for this could be soccer's (or futbol) rise in popularity in social media. Our ability to like and share immediately has made this event all the more exciting and unifying. Just search #usmnt, #worldcup, #OneNationOneTeam #LetsDoThis and #IBelieveWeCanWin to see what I mean. Check out this note which was posted by the head coach of the US team before the Germany match (he's a German who has won the World Cup for the German National Team by the way, so that was interesting):


Another reason could be that the US wasn't expected to survive this group, thus the moniker. No one (and we mean NO one - experts, pundits and fellow players alike) thought we'd advance. But we have, so there's a huge amount of pride in showing that we can hold our own against teams whose countries live and die around football/futbol.

But unlike the first round, where you play each of the three teams in your group, now we enter sudden death. So if the US doesn't win today, they're out of the competition.

So they need all of us to rally around them and show support. Wear your red, white and blue, paint your face, and scream at the top of your lungs: USA, USA, USA... Let people know you're supporting the team, the growing popularity of the sport and the many ways that it ushers the US into a new stratosphere of sporting competition.

We'll be supporting the team from our office, just like we did during the last game!

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Where will you be watching the game today?

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